Japanese Flower Scarf

At long last this scarf of beauty is finished! Started I don't know when and put aside many, many times in favour of the project of the moment.

This may be a blast from the past for many long time crochet blog followers as this pattern, with the same yarn in different colours, was made by Lovely Lucy in her Attic. I fell totally in love with her creation, I'd never seen anything so lovely before! And Sandra too, had made such a pretty coloured one, I was completely smitten! A while later I purchased the book with the chart (Motif Book vol 4), and you know how much I love crochet charts, and then set about finding the yarn. I really wanted to own a scarf like this, and in the pretty colours I had seen it made in. Finding the yarn to buy was the problem though. I wasn't aware of any actual shops near me that stocked this Debbie Bliss Andes yarn so I turn to online shops. No site had all the colours. All the colours I wanted weren't available. I ended up buying colours that I could get hold of from here, there and everywhere.

And this is what I ended up with, and the reason I kept putting this project down, because it all felt a mish-mash of colours, not planned out or considered, just what was left. I went with it as I love the yarn itself, it's a blend of alpaca and mulberry silk - how luxurious! It indeed is soft and beautiful and lovely to work with, and the yarn I bought was most often reduced in price, which is a definite benefit. But colour wise, does it work? Or is it obvious I made it up with my fingers crossed and hoped for the best?

Well, now it's finished my final opinion is that of love. Yes, I adore this scarf! It is bright, and it is colourful but I like it like that. I know if I had been able I would've copied the exact colours of Lucy and Sandra's version, but in the end I'm glad I've got one that is a bit different.
I've loved wearing my scarf and I don't mind the flowers scrunching up round my neck, it feels nice and special - I've had lots of compliments on it too.

A happy ending :o)

'till next time...


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