Fiddle Diddle and Deer Baby Blanket

I'm having one of those days when everything is getting on my nerves.
It's probably because, instead of cracking on with all the daily chores that need doing everyday (washing that needs washing, washing that needs putting away, contender for the worlds mankiest bathroom needing cleaning, stairs needing vacuuming etc, etc) I instead started to play around with some crafty bits first thing this morning, only for everything to go wrong.

First up is this thimble blossoms mini quilt by Camille Roskelley. Very pretty indeed but I don't think I quite realised just how mini it would be when I downloaded the PDF. It is quite a fiddle diddle, and to get the seams to match is a challenge that I only sometimes achieved. Worse than that though is that the triangles are so tiny that in the floral fabric I used for the pin wheel at 9 o'clock, one of them ended up in a plain bit and so didn't show any print and actually looked like a different fabric to the other triangles in that pin wheel (the one my quick un-pick is pointing to) 
I noticed it whilst sewing that little block together but couldn't be bothered to un-pick at that stage, but it just annoyed me so much that after I finished the mini quilt top I just had to take it out and replace with a more patterned triangle piece.

Much better now, but it would've been a lot easier to change it when I first noticed, rather than leave it to the end when it was more of a fiddle diddle to re-do.
As far as the unmatching seams are concerned, it will have to exist with all those imperfections, or not exist at all!
I now have to think about how I'm going to quilt it. Not sure whether to do it by hand or machine so I'll have a think on that one.

Then, still trying to avoid my chores, I turned to this Deer Little Blanket

This is the mess I got into after having to pull out about 10 rows of the blanket. Again, a very cute pattern that involves colour change in rows to create the sweet little deer. The pattern says to leave loose strands at the back of the work, and it is then lined with fabric at the end to hide it all. I thought it was such a good idea to crochet around the strands as I went along, even if this does mean a bit of show through of the other colour, because it makes it a whole lot neater.
And indeed that seems fine on the legs but when I came to the white tummy and chest, the blue and the brown wool I was crocheting over to carry along for when it's needed later in the row really showed through and it looked dreadful. I continued though, telling myself it would be fine but after a while and particularly when I was adding in the white speckles on the deers back, and knew it just wasn't good enough. So I admitted defeat and pulled it back to the start of the white tummy / chest bit.

I managed to untangle all the yarn and have started that section again, but this time leaving the strands loose at the back, as the pattern states. I'm going to see if I can find some cute deer print fabric, for the back lining, on a fabric / yarn shopping jolly I have planned this coming week.

I feel calmer now that I've done the said chores. There are sheets on the Bed and Bath setting in the washer, the downstairs loo and bathroom are cleaned (bathroom still manky, but not so bad as before) and the washing has been folded neatly and put away. Lunch is over so I will now quickly tidy the kitchen, put kettle on and sit down to do a few more rows before Daddy brings our little one back from the park. 

Tidy house (well tidier) and tidyish work.

...and relax...

...'till next time!

Pattern info: round and round quilt pattern here.
                     deer little blanket pattern here.

PS thanks you guys for your lovely comments on my craft corridor post. It's just great to share with you!!


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