Poncho Love

Hi guys! I'm back today to show you my second poncho made from the Japanese 'Poncho and Cape' book (from this Etsy seller). It's the same pattern I used for my Rustic Poncho, and the one that ByHaafner made so beautifully and posted about here, that I was so very inspired by.

I used a double knit yarn (Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, in colour 340066) this time and so I kept to the 12 pattern repeats as the pattern states. Last time, as the yarn used was thicker I reduced to 10 repeats.

This poncho started off life as my photo tutorial so I could show you how to make the rib neck (see here). The yarn had been stashed for quite some time and I was glad to find the perfect project to use it for, although I was a bit dubious that I would have enough yardage to complete the whole thing.

I was surprised and pleased at just how far I got with the amount I had (5 balls) and rather than buy more from a different dyelot and risk a shade variation, I decided to use a contrast colour for the edging and am really please with the look, I love it! 
Sorry, no yarn details for the burgundy colour. I know it's wool, and I know it's not cashmerino, but can't remember the brand I'm afraid!

and just to celebrate the contrast edging, I added an extra round with picots as a feature, I think it looks so cute :o)

I always think this poncho looks really small on the hanger, but it does fit lovely and is really warm and easy to wear, short enough not to keep getting in the way. It's fits snuggly around my shoulders, giving me a feeling of having a crochet hug, like it loves me just as much as I love it! When I take it off I honestly feel a slight chill, hence why it's like having a hug whilst wearing it :o)

On the subject of crochet love, I just want to share with you the wonderful gifts I received from my friend Sandra at Cherry Heart. Amongst the other things she sent me there were some gorgeous wrist-warmers made in some to die-for yarn, with a cute matching mug-warmer.

Thank you Sandra for the sweet gifts! And welcome to all my new followers who have come over here from Sandra's link!!

My new wrist-warmers actually go really well with my poncho too, an added bonus!

And this is the little hexie-tub I made as her present, and filled with crafty bits. 

Thanks Sandra for all your help and advice, and all the inspiration!!

'till next time...


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