My New Years Day

I took myself off for a march today, down to the marina. Everyone else was happy lolling in bed and playing so I didn't waste my breath trying to persuade anyone to join me. It was good to get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

I took my new camera that my husband had very generously gifted me for Christmas. I have so much to learn in regards to operating the camera and photography in general, but I always find I learn best by having a go and referring to the manual as I go along (I'm up to how to attach the camera strap). 

The images I like best were achieved with more luck than judgement, but still thrilled me how they came out. Others were rubbish though.

 Being the middle of winter there isn't much colour around but this little beauty was growing on the side of the path just across the road from my house, so I wanted to capture it's sweet presence in an otherwise beige coloured world.

Back home there is lots more colour and I have been amusing myself taking close up shots in my craft corridor.

I love photos with 'depth of field' - is that what it's called? You know, when the background is blurry...

This is a new scarf I have made and am currently writing up the pattern, along with the matching mitts and hopefully I will bring these to you soon. I have christened them the 'snow dipped mitts and scarf set' although we have yet to see any snow round here; some cold and frosty morning last week but today was definitely milder, part from the bitter wind.

I'm back to work tomorrow after 10 days off, and, as it's a bit quieter on the wedding front at this time of year, I have a short day on Saturday, so I think that is when the decorations will come down. It will be nice to get back to normal and for my husband to have a rest after his very busy work period, and for us to see a bit more of him! 

I hope you all have had a lovely first day of 2015,

'till next time...


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