Little Snowflake Throw

My daughter says I'm a few weeks late with my snowflake throw, and to be fair it is rather Christmassy, but I think I can get away with it as we are still in Winter and lots of the UK is covered in snow. Not here though. We had a small flurry of big soft flakes at about half 2 today, but blink and you missed it. However you may be reading this surrounded by the white stuff and then this little blanket would be completely appropriate.

It was when I was over at Pammy Sue's just after Christmas admiring her poncho that I spied this snowflake motif on her side bar, and clicked on to find the pattern. Thanks Pammy Sue for sharing!
2017 EDIT - archived pattern here

Such a fun motif, really easy and very effective - I love it!!

The yarn is Stylecraft special dk in Lipstick and the snowflakes are made with Aldi craft glitter dk in white. This yarn has sparkles in it which are just perfect, I've tried very hard to get a photo showing the sparkling!

Aldi only have this yarn in from time to time so I had to work with what I had, which was about 2 and half 50g balls. It took 2 and a half 100g balls for the red. I managed to make 20 squares so this is only a small little thing but perfect for putting on the back of the sofa for a festive touch.

I'm quite pleased with how the border worked out. I had just enough of the white yarn to go around once in trebles and then I made a red frill to finish it off. Not very taxing (which is just as well as I was finishing it when I was still a bit poorly), very pretty though :o)

Let me show you how I did it:

So once I had made all 20 motifs I joined them together with a crochet slip stitch, holding the squares wrong side together and working out of the back loops only. I then, in the red yarn, went around the entire edge of the blanket with 1dc in each stitch. (that's 1sc for you US peeps). I made 3 stitches in each corner. Changing to the white I made 1tr, 1ch skip a stitch (1dc, 1ch, skip stitch - US) and worked 1tr, 1ch, 1tr in the corner dc. (So 1dc, 1ch, 1dc in the corner sc). See photo above.

Then changing back to red I work the same stitch pattern as the white, and used the skipped stitches to work out of. I folded the white stitches back and out of the way whilst I worked the red row.

Then I went round again with 1dc (1sc) in-between each of the trebles (dc's) so not working out of the stitches on this round, actually in-between and round both the red and white tops of the stitches. I made 2 stitches either side of the red corner treble as you can see above.

And then the frill is simply 3tr (3dc) in each and every stitch, working in the back loop. Takes a while but very worth it.

So very happy with this little thing, I loved working on it, my favourite part was doing the first round of red on each motif and seeing it turn from a flower sort of shape into a snowflake and then into a square!

Guys, just to say thanks for all your kind get well wishes on my last post, you really made me feel loads better and I really appreciate your kind words. Shame on me for not responding to you sooner, very rude of me and I hope you will forgive my dreadful manners!

I think I will keep my little snowflake throw on the back of the sofa for a day or two and then put it away in the Christmas cupboard until it's time to put the decorations up next December. I will have forgotten about it by then so it will be a lovely surprise when I find it again :o)

'till next time...


  1. I am almost finished with my second snowflake throw! love the border. I made 36 squares as I thought bigger is better. Sharing one throw with my DIL for her birthday/holiday gift. thanks for the inspiration:)


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