Inspire Your Heart With Art

Hello everyone, how are you today?

Today is 'Inspire your heart with art' day and I have been contacted by Marietta Gregg to write a blog post about how I am inspired by art and how I celebrate creativity.

Marietta's Mother is artist Patience Brewster who makes some very beautiful Christmas ornaments and stunning works of art. She is on a personal mission to inspire others with her art and explore ways art has a positive effect on peoples lives.

This is subject close to my heart, so I would like to share with you how I feel my heart is inspired!

When I think of the word 'Art' I tend to conjure up memories of going to art galleries as a teenager. Although I always appreciated the technical talent that went into painting the pieces, I would often find it hard to feel connected to the image, they just didn't touch my heart!

The art that does inspire me is (obviously) more on a crafty level, and I prefer the word 'creativity' to describe that part of my life. We are all quite creative in my family. My husband is a singer / songwriter so his creative time is spent in his studio making up melodies and lyrics, and I often get a song written for me for my birthday or wedding anniversary. I love music in general, we sing a lot here at home (good job you can't hear me singing Disney songs - I don't share my husbands singing talent at all!) and I like to listen to music when I'm home alone. My absolute favourite music dude (apart from my hubby of course) is Justin Currie. I have mentioned him from time to time here on my blog and we do go to his gigs when we can. He is front man of Del Amitri, who were big in the 90's and he also does solo gigs, both here in the UK and over in the US. His lyric writing, in my opinion, is genius as he has a knack of saying things in his songs that resonate with pretty much every emotion I feel! Whatever I'm feeling, Justin puts it in words within his songs with art and finesse - he also has a very sexy singing voice, :o)

My eldest daughter is very artistic too, and enjoys painting. For her last birthday I got her lots of art supplies including an easel, this is her work she did for her GCSE, inspired by Elisabeth Vania

I always love seeing beautiful images on blogs and I try to take pretty images to have here in my own space. Photography is another way for me to be creative and I'm planning on taking a photography course this year to help my understanding of the process.

I love to take close up pictures of things around my home, as well as all the things I love to make. From my creative supplies, my stash, flowers to brighten my world and anything colourful that catches my eye, I enjoy focussing in to capture the sight that fills my heart with joy!

All this sort of stuff is my art I suppose. Days without any creative moments are dull and uninspiring.  My soul is fed by my crafty endeavours and I certainly would not be the person I am without it.

Having recognised this within myself I am now more ready to explore artwork of others, from the comfort of my own home I love to search Etsy as a place artist can sell their work, from greeting cards to jewellery and handmade goods. And I've just made a spontaneous resolution to visit a few art galleries this year, and maybe I can find the connection with the art that I would like.

How is your heart inspired by art?

'till next time...


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