General ups and downs of the everyday

My Hyacinth is looking a bit leggy so I moved her to window for better light, guessing that was what was needed but what do I know? I liken the way her stems have grown out in all directions to the thoughts in my head and have to laugh at myself because I suppose I will always be scatty and there's no changing now!

I've not been well these past couple of days, and I'm still feeling a bit weak as the sickness bug has made me loose my appetite. I just hope it means I have lost a bit of weight. I'm grateful that my husband has taken our little one out, she is a lovely little poppet but the natural demands of a 2 year old are beyond me just now. I guess the fact that he's around to take over childcare is the payoff for when he's working at weekends and bank holidays when it always seems to me that the rest of the world are with their families. Including Christmas day. Sore point, let's not speak of again.

Anyway, I'm not really here to moan so I apologise for the above paragraph, instead I want to show you the cute bunny pincushion I couldn't resist buying from Etsy. The shop is called ByreandCeller, which I thought was quite clever actually and the item was listed as Vintage Ardalt Lenwile Verithin porcelain rabbit pincushion - means nothing to me - just fell in love with him! He has already made a deer little friend on my shelves and seems happy to be here :o)

I hope you all are healthy and happy, should be back on my feet in a day or two...

'till next time...


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