A Snow Dipped Giveaway!!!

Hello there my lovely friends. I'm giddy with excitement to show you my Snow Dipped scarf and mitts set.

The reason I've held off for a bit is that I had submitted the patterns in PDF format to Loveknitting.com so it's available through their site, and now it's been published I thought I would share with you here!

This started life as an idea in my head early one morning that I couldn't stop thinking about, I just had to pop to my local yarn store to get some yarn to fit in with the image in my mind. However, the designing process grows and changes as I bought the cream and the grey yarn, a lovely extra fine merino dk by Patons (shades 190 and 102) and then added the gold from my stash at home, and this is  King Cole merino blend dk in shade 855.

How I loved to make this, really I did. The yarn is so lovely to work with and I had so much fun making up the patterns and seeing my idea come into reality. Adding the pom-poms was a cute finishing touch :o)

I just cannot get a decent selfie! My son kindly stepped in to help!

I wear this set all the time, it goes really well with my coat and is lovely and soft, a real favourite I have to admit!

So, because I wanted to send the patterns in to loveknitting I decided to make up another set to test my pattern, take photos along the way and see how it worked in Stylecraft yarn. The silver, gold and cream colours in this yarn are a brilliant cheaper alternative, I'm struggling to tell the different yarn in my photos!

While I was working on these I decided that there had to be a hat to match, so I set about making one!

I don't think hats suit me too well, so I enrolled my eldest daughter to model for me

Believe it or not, she's just had her hair cut! And she is naturally blond!
I know I'm biased but it's definitely a bonus having beautiful daughters to model my designs!

So, if you are interested you can buy the scarf pattern here, the mitts here, and the hat here.

And just to say I made the whole set out of 3 x100g balls of the silver, 2 x 100g balls of cream and 1 x100g ball gold in the Stylecraft special dk yarn. And as this yarn retails at less than 2 quid for 100g you can make the whole set for less than £12!
Loveknitting do sell this yarn as well, find it here.

But finally, I did promise you a giveaway so if you would like to win the Snowdipped scarf, hat and mitts set made in Stylecraft special dk that I used to work on during pattern writing please leave a comment below on this post saying whether you like snow or not, and why.

I'm looking forward to all your comments, but just one each please! and my favourite comment will win the set in the above photo, I will announce the winner on Sunday 1st February.

Have a great weekend my friends!

'till next time...


  1. We all love snow here because it's great fun to play outside with the family! And you do have a beautiful doaghter x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh forgot to say fingers crossed for the prize! They are lovely! x


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