Taking turns...

Hi all!

How's it going?
Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet?
I have seen a lot of Instagram posts showing peoples decorated homes, and my neighbour has done her usual over-the-top version of the Blackpool Illuminations on the front of her house, but for me it still is a bit early, I think it will be next weekend that our decs go up.

Of course the children have their Advent calendars to open and the older ones have already cemented the dreadful habit of eating the chocolate as soon as they wake up onto the baby of the family. (Fourth time round you would think I would be better at this child rearing business and have a perfectly behaved, no bad habit little girl. But no. Saving grace though is that on the whole she prefers cheese to chocolate, and usually will pick a babybel over sweet things)

As well as the supermarket character calendars they have, I made a fabric one from a kit I bought from the wonderful Kate. Having ordered it in plenty of time I still made it last minute and finished it off on the 30th November.  I have wanted to do something like this for years and have never managed to be organised. I like the idea of little knitted/crocheted stockings with the numbers on attached to a garland but we don't have a fireplace, and therefore no mantle so I'm not sure where I would hang it.
This kit comes as a single piece of fabric, with written instructions on how to make it up and with the delightful print with cute Christmas images it was super fun to make, has come out really lovely and I'm so pleased with the result.
We have filled it with chocolate coins and chocolate Santas and snowmen (I know, I could've replaced some of the chocolate with little gifts, I should've shouldn't I?) I popped them all in randomly but then my eldest re-organised so each one of the children would get exactly the same, as they take it in turns to open each day.

They work it on age order (so being the 6th today it is the second turn of my son - being the second youngest) There are 25 pockets, which of course does not divide by 4 so the last pocket is for me and my husband, oh how lucky we are!

Having sewn on mini jingle bells means it makes a pretty noise whilst being raided :o)

The countdown to Christmas is on now, I feel a wave of panic as I type this!
Good luck with all your preparations my friends,

'till next time...


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