Rustic Poncho

Hello my friends, I'm just popping my head around the door for a quick hello and to show you my latest 'finished thing'.

It really was love at first sight when I was reading by Haafners blog and saw her beautiful crochet cape.
It's true, the first thing I did was pop over to Etsy to order the book this pattern is from. I'd bought from the seller before and as I do have a real love for Japanese crochet books I just could not resist this little treat!

While waiting for the book to arrive I pondered which yarn to use and was very tempted to buy the same as Haafner had used. However I held off a bit as a (very) small voice inside my head was reminding me that I should be on a yarn diet (yeah right). I don't listen to that voice as much as I perhaps should but in this case it did remind me of a pack of yarn I had picked up for an amazing discounted price that was stashed away for a rainy day that it thought would be perfect for the job.

There is 10 balls in this pack. TEN!!! 2 quid each!! and the yarn is 70% silk, 30% cotton, can't get better than that!!! And I still have nearly half of the pack left :o)

I love the colour of this yarn (you may have noticed this is the 3rd green item of clothing I have made for myself #1 here, #2 here ). It also has a lovely organic, rustic texture which is really nice. Even though it is mainly silk it doesn't feel that soft, it has an almost papery feel to it reminding me a bit of silk dupion fabric, don't get me wrong though it is still lovely and I wonder if it will soften with wear.

The original pattern has a knitted cowl neck but like Haafner I decided to make mine crochet. However I chose to do alternating Front Post Trebles and Back Post Trebles, the latest issue (25) of Simply Crochet has a pattern for a poncho with this kind of cowl neck and it makes for a very satisfyingly knitted appearance.

I'm off out now to meet up with a yarny friend for a coffee in town so I think I will wear my poncho. It feels a bit like a blind date as I have never actually met her before, we have only been in contact by email with each other. I'm quite excited though and happy that by blogging away from my sofa like I do brings me in contact with like-minded peeps to meet up with and enjoy some crafty chats!!

I'll leave you with a very posy photo of me that my daughter took the other day. It was just before work and I wanted to make the most of the natural light, as there is not so much of that these days!

'till next time...


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