Home images for this time of year....

I'm home this Saturday afternoon. It's just me and my baby girl. I'm pottering and she is playing. Her sweet play talk fills me with delight. We come together for a cuddle, a tickle, a chat and a play. I hear her sing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and organise her toys for their tea-party.

I've still got gifts to wrap, a few still to buy (and finish making) and let's not mention the card writing out, but I don't feel bothered about all that today.

 This morning was spent at my Catch Up & Crochet workshop making Christmas Pudding decorations and teaching a newbie the basics. Such a pleasure and a joy. And a privilege! One of my regulars thanked me for bringing crochet into her life - I was so touched, it really made my day!

My family spent an evening during the week putting up the decorations. The children did the tree together, with no bickering or sarcastic comments it was almost like some TV film! I cherished that moment too!

Old and new decorations, some made, some brought fill the house. It's good to unwrap the favourites and put them in place for their festive outing. Memories flood out with them, ready to make more memories over the coming weeks. 

I'm sure I will feel harassed and rushed and disorganised again when the wind changes direction, but for now I am enjoying the gentle breeze of contentment and thanking my lucky stars for all that I have.

'till next time...


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