Dressing Up

I have been making dressing up outfits for years now. The best thing about being able to sew is making costumes for my children. Unfortunately, some of the older outfits have been lost or given away, which is a shame, and I discovered the 'dressing up box' that had been stored in the shed had got all damp and some of the outfits, including cowgirl Jess from Toy Story had gone all mouldy and were beyond rescue :o(

Any excuse to buy more fabric!

The first to be made was the Belle dress. Beauty and the Beast was a firm favourite when the older girls were little, and now my youngest adores the film too.
She is not keen on having her photo taken these days and to get her to stand still long enough not to have a blurred feature to the image is rather difficult!

A cousins fancy dress birthday party meant I had to get the Frozen Elsa dress done, with slightly better luck at getting pictures!

"It's got sparkles!"

My 14 year old wanted one too, of course. Someone commented she could make appearances at parties as Elsa as she looks quite like her!

Looking at these photos does fill me with pleasure but I have to say I did not enjoy making these dresses. The fabric was difficult to work with, the satin was slippy, the stretchy shiny fabric used for the bodice did not like to be stitched at all and the glitter on the tulle overlay ended up all over my house!!

I couldn't leave my son out...

A crochet beard - completely made up as I went along, to go with his Santa hat :o)

This gingham fabric is for the last of the costumes, and as we have the shoes to go with it I need to crack on and get it made. Bet you can guess what it will be...

The pattern for the Belle dress is Butterick B4320 and the Elsa dress pattern is McCall's M7000. The fabrics for both dresses were ordered from this site, except the moondust tulle which was from here.

'till next time...


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