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Hi everyone, me again.

On my last but one post I showed you my Rustic poncho which I made by mixing 2 patterns. The original poncho pattern was mostly crocheted but had a knitted cowl neck. I wasn't that keen on changing to pins over hook and as my latest copy of Simply Crochet (issue 25) had a poncho pattern inside with a crocheted cowl neck that look fab (a gorgeous design by Simone Francis) I could see it would be easy to apply that part of the pattern to my poncho.

Pammy Sue left a comment asking for a demo on how to do the neck and so of course I am happy to oblige!

So just a few photos to show you how I made the cowl neck of my poncho. It's made alternating Front Post treble (FPt) and Back Post treble (BPt). I'm not sure what the US stitch translation is but I'm guessing FPdc and BPdc? Anyway basically it is just ordinary treble stitch (US dc) but the difference is where you 'stick your hook'!

I'm using a dk yarn here and I chained 96 and joined with a slip stitch to form a ring (big enough to fit over my bonce!)

Then I chained 3 (which counts as first treble (US dc) and then worked 1tr (US 1dc) into each stitch. (96 stitches) and joined the round with a slip stitch into the top of the first 3 ch made.

*I have switched to different colour yarn here to make the process more clear for the pictures*
Ch1, make 1tr (US 1dc) as usual but after the first yarn over, when you would normally insert your hook in the loops at the top of the tr (dc) instead insert the hook from front to back behind the first treble (US dc) of the previous round as shown below:

and then finish the tr (dc) stitch off as usual.

Start the next tr (US dc) and insert the hook from back to front going in front of the next stitch along, I hope you can see this in the picture below:

and then finish off the stitch normally

The picture below shows the first 4 trebles (US dc) worked, the front post treble and the back post treble alternating each other.

Below is at the same stage but in the original yarn.

Work all the way round, alternating front post treble and back post treble and slip stitch to the first treble made to close round. 96 stitches.

And then you just repeat the last round until you reach your desired measurement, remembering to start each round with a chain 1. It really is a very easy and effective stitch pattern that I can imagine using for loads of applications.

And yes, I think I will make another poncho. I'm not sure if I have enough of this yarn but I'm going to see how far I get before I run out. Hopefully to the end. It's like jeopardy.

'till next time...


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