2014 Year Review - Phew!!

I came to the computer this morning with the idea to do this year review for my blog.

I have learnt two things:

I have many, many photos on this computer that could be organised much better


I have made loads of things this year!

I carry on happily in my manic obsessional way and it's only when I take stock like this that I realise just how much I've done!

My goodness.

So I think it's safe to say that I have had a fun filled crafty year, and I have enjoyed recording it here and sharing everything with you, my friends.

Looking forward to 2015 I hope to get several 'house' jobs done - maybe a spot of painting and decorating even. I can't wait for my garden to come to life in the Spring as my friend Linda has been planting for me again (which reminds me, I must get her curtains finished off) and of course I have many ideas for future craft projects and a healthy yarn / fabric stash to play with.
I'm sure there will be many happy family times as well, and hopefully we will have some good weather this summer so we can get out and about lots.

A long time ago I used to read a lot of self-help books and in one of them (and I simply cannot remember for the life of me what it was called or who wrote it I'm afraid) there was the suggestion that your life should be made up of nine boxes. Each box should contain one element of your life, so family in one, work in another, relationship in another and hobbies in another and so on. If one area fell apart - you get made redundant or spilt up from your partner, then it's not the total end of your world and you have other aspects that are still important. I'm not sure I have explained this too well, and I think it's quite a simplistic view but I like the sentiment of filling your own time on this earth with lots of positive and enriching facets, and making the most out of life in a way that suits you.

So with me feeling all positive and hopeful I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thank you for your friendship, encouragement and inspiration and all your lovely comments.

'till next year...


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