Yarn Shade Pegs

The first thing that comes to mind most mornings is "Where do I start?".

Always so many things to deal with...

My dresser hasn't been dusted for quite a while
This past week has been about dealing with 'home admin'. Dull and uninspiring but completely necessary. It's distracted me from my blog and the list of new posts from the blogs I follow. It makes me sad and I've missed it. I feel strangely out of touch.

But things need sorting right now and I've only got one pair of hands. (I sound like my Mother)

I've tackled the cupboard under the stairs and feel quite satisfied with it's now orderly contents. It still isn't a pretty site with the step ladder, carpet cleaner, wellies and picnic cool bags fighting for space but it is sorted so thats good. 

Two days spent sorting, cleaning, filing and searching for relevant paperwork is all very well but a girl needs some play time. I got rather giddy with excitement after seeing Lucy's ingenious idea to wind the entire Stylecraft Special colour range onto individual pegs, so that she can choose the colour order for her beautiful blankets. It reminded me of getting a brand new pack of felt-tip pens when I was little and loving the colour order the pens were lined up in in their plastic wallet.

I could not resist making my own 'yarn shade pegs'

I remember making little Christmas angels with pegs like these as a child
 24 pegs wasn't enough for all the colours of yarn I have (and the several more I purchased for this purpose) so I had to get more pegs :o)

I have honestly had so much fun playing with my colours and arranging them in little sets of the combinations I like. I'm no expert at colour theory and those colour wheel things mystify me, but this way I'm able to give more thought to the way I choose colours for my projects and put them together, especially now there are some great new colours in the range. (Although I wish they would include the Duck Egg (3680) they have in the Stylecraft Weekender yarn)
Thanks Lucy for this nifty idea!

And may I just take a moment to remember my Mum who passed away over 15years ago. It would've been her 81st birthday today. When I came across this photo the other day I couldn't help but smile at the crochet granny blanket over the back of the sofa - just like my house! Seeing this picture of my parents feels like I could just pop round to visit them, and the years they have gone just melt away (my Dad passed away in 2010) Their familiar faces that I grew up with bring me joy and comfort, but sadness too as I can't pop round and see them at all. It's the finality that is hard to take, isn't it?

WARNING: Please do not be alarmed at the very scary doll in the rocking chair and the lurid yellow walls - what were they thinking?....

'till next time....


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