Petal Patch Blanket

Yesterday I finished my petal patch blanket...

I weaved in the few ends that were left from the joining and the border, and Oh Joy! my blanket was done!

It all started with the colours. The colours I had in my minds eye. 

And I found them in the most beautiful yarn, so soft and lovely.

I played around with the pattern, at first I was going to make hexagons, but then my little petal patch square was born and I love her very much...

130 squares later, I joined them together with a method based on the 'five chain flat braid joining method', adapted slightly to fit my project.

This took me a while. And used up a lot of yarn. (200g to be precise. just to join the squares!)

The border is 2 rounds of double crochet in blue, and then the cream frilly edge is 3 trebles in the back loop of each stitch. The idea for the border was given to me by this generous blogger here. Thanks Kate!

 This is a very indulgent blanket. The soft and beautiful yarn is not the cheapest, but the quality is obvious and makes this very special. The size is not as big as I wanted, but it's big enough.

I wanted the layered effect with my quilt on my bed so I'm very happy with this!

It is an understatement to say that I love this blanket - I adore it! The pattern has worked out so very pleasing for me and the yarn - again - I can't help but love this yarn, it is so very beautiful...

I have started on a photo tutorial for the joining method that I have used, and I hope to get this online next week. The pattern for the petal patch square can be found here.

Yarn info: Knit by numbers Merino dk in shades KBN22 (coral), KBN18 (peach), KBN54 (yellow), KBN55 (off white)
and the blue is Sublime extra fine merino dk in shade 0307
This is just for your info, it's not a sponsored post (unfortunately)

Take care my friends, and I hope to be with you all again soon...

'till next time...


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