Crochet Love

Hi!! I'm just popping by to firstly say thank you to all who commented on my petal patch motif post the other day, I really do appreciate all your lovely, kind, positive and encouraging words!

As you can see from the above photo I'm in the process of joining my squares. I'm loving this joining method (which I will give you details about in a separate post) but it doesn't half use up a lot of yarn! I had ordered 2 100g skeins of the natural colour way for the purpose of joining and border but I'm having doubts that there will be enough to do all I have in mind. We'll see!

Can I also welcome all my lovely new followers (I do know you are lovely as you wouldn't be here otherwise!) I suspect the reason for a sudden rise in following numbers is this:

I featured as Inside Crochet's favourite blogger this month (Issue 59), how exciting! Rhian Drinkwater emailed me with some questions and I replied with my answers and some pictures. I can't deny that when I was in the big Tescos and had a peak at the magazine section, it was a thrill to see my interview in print! 

It's nice to be loved, isn't it?

'till next time...


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