Sunday Smilies

Things that have brought a smile to my face today:

♥ the middles of the squares I'm crocheting at the moment. Destined to be a blanket for my bed. I'm trying a methodical approach for making the last 60 

♥ my Ravelry project page. Not up to date, and I can't ever remember when I started or finished a project but I love to see all my colourful makes displayed in an orderly way 

♥ a spot of colour in the garden. It's been a lovely mild autumnal day and being able to dry the washing outside on the line (especially the towels) has pleased me no end. Don't think there will be many more opportunities for outside drying now until spring 

♥ attempting to keep up with my little handful! She is very attached to those wellies 

♥ the large wooden button on the front of my bag. I adore 4 hole buttons! 

♥ our walk in the woods - even if there were some prickles! 

What has made you smile today?

'till next time...


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