Rooster Cushion

It is true to say I sometimes crochet for the sake of it.

With no project in mind it still is very enjoyable to hook up a granny square or two, especially with gorgeous Rooster Almerino yarn!

But I can't be blamed I don't think, with yarn so wooly and scrummy!

This yarn comes in some really unusual and beautiful colours and I could not resist ordering some just to try out and have a play.

Eventually there comes the need to make my grannies into 'something' and cushions are always the easy and obvious option.

I pondered on what to use for the back of the cushion and remembered half a jelly roll I had hidden away. I simply pieced together the strips and quilted them with a soft batting and diamond machine stitching. It was pleasing to see how well it matched with the front cushion.
And so on to the opening... these printed wooden buttons were calling me from my haberdashery stash

How cute?

I love how they sit so prettily on the side opening. Do they look the wrong way round?

Is that better? :o)

A very photogenic project this one, loads of snaps taken!

I have placed this in my Etsy shop, but I love it so much I'm half tempted to keep it!

I am such a yarn addict and I really enjoy playing around with different textures and colours to see how it works up. 
A simple pleasure, I know you guys understand :o)

'till next time...


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