Lady Kina

So hello!

I did get my Lady Kina cardigan finished late sunday evening as I'd hoped. Well the stitching was done and then the next day it was plunged in some warm soapy water, lightly spun in the machine and left to dry on my mannequin. Can this be termed as blocking? I guess it's along those lines although I always think of blocking as pinning something out flat and spraying with water.

Whatever, it has done the cardigan a world of good and made my stitching look even, which makes me very happy. I'm very happy all round with my knitted friend. As you may know I have had a few problems with knitting in the past (my Roxy cardigan, you let me down) but this one turned out a dream and I have been happily wearing it most of the week. The weather is turning chilly and knitted cardigans are the order of the day!

I had the vague image of something like this in my head and although I searched in various pattern locations I couldn't find anything that matched the picture in my mind, but then the Blog Gods were on my side and presented in my Bloglovin feed was Kristens beautiful Lady in a wonderful golden colour. It was exactly what I was looking for and she had included the link to the (free) pattern. YAY!!
Thank you Kristen. Thank you Blog Gods :o)

The yarn I used was part of my Deramores prize - Rowan Softknit Cotton. The colour is called seaweed - I love it! Greeny blues always do it for me.

The great thing about this pattern is that it's knitted all in one from top down on circular needles (circular needles are brilliant - I feel a lot more comfortable with them rather that the straight ones which stick out at the sides ready to poke a passer by). The rows are long. The rows before you split for the sleeves are very long. But this was good practice for me and I was able to get into a good rhythm and got used to holding the yarn in a better way (thank you Sandra for your yarn holding advice)

I can't deny I want to make another one. Even if it does take me ages.

Have a fun sunday my friends!

'till next time...


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