Happy Hexies!

Hey there, how are you all?

I feel that my crafty offering today is an erratic choice. I mean in several of my previous posts I've mentioned various things I'm working on and this isn't one of them. It's one of those long timer projects that sits waiting patiently for me to give it attention, and then suddenly, for some mysterious reason I decide now is the time for me to finish it off and I pick it up and do just that!

All starts off well with the making of the hexies. Love doing that. I have experimented with using a glue pen but I prefer to tack with needle and thread, I don't go through the paper though and just tack the sides down at the back of each shape with a double stitch at the corners.

Luckily, I've had a lot of help with this project.

I always feel I'm about to do a magic trick when I'm quilting. Free-form again, and no my technique hasn't improved, I'm still getting various stitch lengths. I'm not sure the gloves help at all really!


I bought a stamp and a fabric ink pad from The English Stamp Company. I cannot tell you how deliriously happy I felt sewing on my label, although I will look for the fabric ink in a pretty colour I think. I'm hoping by using this special ink it won't wash out. Certainly is ok after the first wash.

and I always like to wash my quilts as I finish sewing them. Freshens and softens them up and and I adore the vintage crinkle effect it gives.

This quilt is for my little ones' cot bed. It's a good size although I think it will be better when we take the sides off the cot to make it into the little bed and it can drape over the edge. Not quite ready for that stage yet though, not for a few months.

Do you like EPP patchwork? It has a charming old fashioned feel to it doesn't it? I have a fair few of these hexies left over and I may at some point make some plain white ones and use the coloured ones as the flower for a grandmothers garden design. The hexagon size I've used is 2" (that's the measurement of each straight side) which in the world of EPP seems quite large, but I needed to give myself a cat in hell's chance of finishing. And for this I'm happy with the size.

So it's great to complete a long-standing WIP but it's only replaced by another, from where I sit on the sofa I can see 4 projects that I've got on the go, that's without opening the cupboard in my craft corridor. 
I have a long and happy road of crafting ahead of me, and it's cheaper than therapy.
(well a bit)

'till next time...


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