Châle Français

Yes of course this is my Nordic shawl, but as I made most of it while on holiday in France this summer it does have French blood in it too!

Now many of you I know have also purchased this pattern from Annette and may even be on your second or third version. I think she released the pattern probably about 10 or so months ago and so I guess I'm a late comer to the Nordic Shawl party. I had the pattern and yarn sitting around for a while and decided it was the one to pack in my suitcase as I thought it would be a good holiday hook.

It came to the beach with me, and by the pool (I was very aware of a young boy staring at me fixatedly while I crocheted as if he was trying to work out what on earth I was doing...) It also was lovely to pick up in the evenings - after the day out but before getting ready for dinner. The children played and joked with each other, and I laughed at their holiday banter. We made up stories about the other families that were our neighbours - from Mr Bonjour who sat at his garden table with his paper and his smokes to The Perfect Family who's children would each have a bowl of soapy water outside their chalet to wash up their own dinner dishes. My, how I envied their parents discipline!!

I loved the lacy edging, it was fun to crochet. I would like to use this edging on a blanket one day, perhaps? My colours make me happy too, but with guidance from Annette's original colour choice I couldn't go far wrong.

Before blocking

I have experienced my first blocking miracle with this one. I have heard talk of such happenings, and certainly have found blocking improves most natural fibre crochet. But my coloured area came out a tighter tension than the plain parts, and therefore it didn't lie flat. Blocking most certainly sorted this out, and now the shawl has a fabulous drape too. I am very much in love!

The lacy edging has really come into it's own!

Gorgeous drape-ability!!!!

I have treated myself to a pair of Swedish clogs. I have longed to have some for a while and these were priced cheaper than others I've seen in the past. I could not resist.

They are a bit hard on the feet to start with, but after a few days wearing them around the house with socks on they soon soften up and become comfy. They go well with my shawl and I feel I have embraced the Nordic look whole-heartedly :o)

This shawl pin keeps it all in place nicely and makes it easy to wear. It stays put on my shoulders and doesn't slip about. 

Someone else likes it too :o)

FYI: you can buy the pattern here if you haven't already.

The yarn is King Cole merino blend dk. The main colour is silver (036) and then I have used white (001), cranberry (703), raspberry (907), kingfisher (771), turquoise (018) and mustard (855).

I really must log into Ravelry and update my projects page and add this on there, I haven't been over there for ages.

Right, I'm off now to see what is on TV tonight and to snuggle with my dual nationality Châle Français / Nordic Shawl.

have a happy
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'till next time...


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