My August

As we approach the end of this month I am aware I haven't blogged since the beginning. It's been a busy month for us, with lots of enjoyable moments.

First my boy's 10th birthday, fairly low-key with a cinema visit with his best buddy and his sisters, then home for his favourite - chocolate fudge cake. This is the Nigella recipe from her Nigella Bites book. My son is a born an bred chocoholic and this satisfies his birthday needs. It's a large cake - Nigella says it serves 10. Or 1 with a broken heart. 
Or 1 chocolate cake adoring boy.*

It was early to bed that evening to get in a few hours sleep before getting up at 1:30am for a 4 and a half hour drive down to Plymouth to catch the ferry over to France. We stayed a week in Carantec, a very pretty small town in Northern Brittany. We'd booked to stay in a chalet in the Eurocamp where the facilities of the water park, pool, games and play rooms and shop were ideal for our family. But to counteract the busyness of the place in the summer school holidays we would sometimes head off a few miles away to a gorgeous remote beach in St Pol de Leon, where we enjoyed the peace and quite, eating our picnic and marvelling at how far the tide went out - and came in! 

My holiday crochet project was the long awaited Nordic Shawl the pattern by Annette from My Rose Valley. It made for sweet, gentle, not too taxing and very relaxing hooking but a few rows after the coloured section I ran out of the grey yarn, grrr. **

I carried the project around in this bag I made earlier this year. It never made a blog post of it's own because I considered it a fail, basically because the opening isn't very big. But actually it's fine and works well as a project bag, I really like it too and wonder why I was so hard on it's outcome?

Brittany is a very lovely part of the world indeed. I do hope to return one day.

Then another birthday. The turn of my eldest, my daughter turned sweet 16...

...and a few days later we headed up to the school to pick up her GCSE results, and she did very, very well indeed - I'm very proud of you my darling :0)

We also had our yearly day trip to Southwold.

The pier with the water clock and the colourful beach huts are so familiar to us now it almost feels like home from home (wish it was - I'd love to own a little cottage there - dream on Sam!)***

And then last week we took the children to Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable - about a 50min drive from where we live. It was rather fun to see the animals and my little one walked practically all the way round, refusing to go in her buggy or on her Daddy's shoulders. It was quite a wet day but the silver lining was that it meant it wasn't that busy, which if I'm honest I prefer, I don't feel comfortable in crowds of people.

Phew (brow mop) we have had a busy month! But a lot of fun and happy memories made. I can't say all of August was perfect, there were some bum notes too, but for me, being able to record the best bits is very important - something that can be looked back on by my family in the future, when we can indulge in enjoyable recollection. I like the idea of my children checking my posts out in years to come - wherever they may be in the world!

I feel a bit sad that the summer here is over. Saying that I do love Autumn, except for the leaf fall from the massive oak trees over the road from me! But I like the scarf/boot wearing bit, and I am a sucker for fireworks. 
What's your favourite season?
'till next time...

* my son didn't really eat all the cake to himself
** hopefully a finished Nordic Shawl will be here soon as I have brought more of the yarn
***to continue of the dream theme - wouldn't it be wonderful to open a fabric/yarn store in Southwold as well, with lots of sewing and crochet workshops and a little coffee shop section? Oh what a lovely fantasy...


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