If life gives you lemons...

Hiya, I'm back again :o)

I love a bit of a spend. Do you like a bit of a spend? I do.

There is nothing I like more than a 'spree' on either fabric or yarn, whether it's at a local store or online. Coming home with my haul of goodies, spreading them out on the floor to admire while I sip my tea is a blissful kinda moment.
Then of course if I order from the net I have the pleasure of 'adding to my basket' after deciding what I 'need' and then enjoying the wait until the happy parcel arrives and I get to fondle my treasures.

A very guilty pleasure.

And what's better than a 'spend'?

Well of course a 'spend' with a discount code. "Do you have a code?" I'm asked at checkout. YES, YES I do !!!

I can't help myself.

So when Emma from Lemonade Yarns asked if I would do a shop review for her and offered the readers of my blog a discount code for her site how could I could I deny you lovelies of the treat?

I discovered Lemonade yarns when I was searching the net for some discontinued Debbie Bliss merino. Emma had some of the said yarn and as a happy coincidence she was offering free delivery at the time. I have been following her on Twitter since and have enjoyed seeing her business grow and bloom, with a sleek new website and lots of lovely yarn to choose from. One I would like to try out some day is the Stylecraft Alpaca, the teal looks gorgeous! And this is a bit yummy as well :o)

There is a lot going on over at Lemonade Yarns, from yarn to patterns, books, hooks, needles and accessories. There is also a free pattern section where you can find a new, exclusive betsymakes pattern - the Hexie Hipster Belt. It's fab fun to make - I hope you will have a go at it!

So, if you're feeling in the mood for a 'spend', and you really need some more yarn pop over to Emma's store and treat yourself using code: betsymakes15 - valid until the 15th August 2014.

This is a bit of a sponsored post type thing but I do believe in supporting the smaller, independent retailer and Emma is very lovely too :o)

Go on - make some lemonade

'till next time...


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