Muted Cushion Collection

Happy Sunday to you, I do hope you are feeling good today? We are enjoying / tolerating some very hot weather here in betsyville - children are loving the water play with the paddling pool and sprinkler in the garden, and I'm very relieved to have got through officiating at seven marriages yesterday! I do have school uniform washing to do today ( term ends Wednesday here) and there are a few cleaning chores to see to but other than that I will take it easy as to be honest with you, the hard day at the office yesterday and this heat has completely tired me out!

It has occurred to me though that I have not shown you my 'muted cushion collection' yet. I think with all of the excitement of my Deramores win and then the give-away I held it kinda got forgotten. No matter, it's here now :o)

My little basket of yarny goodness had been sitting around for some time. I cannot remember where I found my colour inspiration from except to say I wanted the cushions to go well in my front room. It's mainly green in there, with a gold coloured rug and grey as well as green in the pattern on the sofa. I added the pinks in to lighten and brighten and the white sneaked in there too. I have no idea about the science behind colour choice, although it is something I would like to learn about. It was just a case of picking out the colours using my heart rather than my head. And for this I am happy with the results, they work for me.

I wanted 3 or 4 cushions to have scattered about and knew that I wanted to have them different patterns. This first one is made using the Catherine Wheel stitch and I found the inspiration and pattern here. I absolutely adore the colours used in Lindsi's blanket, and I know her image has been pinned many times! This pattern is worked over 4 rows and although not really that complicated I found that if I didn't note down which row I was on I got lost easily!

Then I had a go at this Diamond Windowpane Square. This is quite a lovely alternative to the traditional granny and I love the stitch formation. By this time I'm very happy with my grey background / joining colour, and use it again on this next cushion.

Now this pattern square is my own 'made up stitch combination'. My version of a sort of flower granny square. I love how it worked out and I've included the crochet chart below. I can't think of a good name for my square, any ideas my friends? 
Ages ago, I bought a programme for my computer to make these crochet charts. I found it very complicated and it baffled me for ages but then the very lovely and generous Sandra came over to help me. She hadn't used the programme before but is a whiz at technical do-dahs so was able to work it out quickly and help me get started! It took me a while to create this chart but I have a major feeling of satisfaction about it, and glad the programme wasn't a waste of money! 
*BTW Sandra, you know I thought I had bought this crochet chart programme through the app store, and couldn't find it in my purchase history so was convinced I was going mad? Well it turns out I got it through iTunes as I have found it in the purchase history there (and even taken a screen shot in case I ever need to prove my mental stability because it's not in iTunes anymore!) I can forgive myself for getting mixed up with the app store and iTunes, as there are sort of similar. But it bugged me for ages, boy it really did :o)

Okay so just a note about the chart. Where you start doing the popcorn stitch on round 3 you need to do ch 3 and a 4 treble popcorn stitch (all others are made up of 5 trebles). I wasn't able to show that as there wasn't an icon for a 4treble popcorn, just one for the 5 tr version.

Below is the written pattern that you can generate from the programme once you have created the chart. Seems quite basic and confusing to me and I certainly don't think it is usable by itself, but may be of use as a side order to the chart.

Row 1: Ch 5, sl st 1.

Row 2: Ch 1, dc 12, sl st 1.

Row 3: T-ch2 1, tr 1, ch 1, 2 tr cluster 7, [t-ch2 1, tr 1] 4 times, ch 1, sl st 1.

Row 4: T-ch3 1, 5 tr popcorn 1, ch 1, [t-ch3 1, 5 tr popcorn 1, ch 1] 11 times, ch 1, sl st 1.

Row 5: T-ch3 1, tr 3, 4tr in st 11, sl st 1.

Row 6: Ch 1, dc 1, [ch 1, dc 1] 11 times, t-ch4 1, sl st 1.

Row 7: Sl st 1, t-ch3 1, tr 7, tr 3, ch 2, tr 3, tr 8, tr 3, ch 2, tr 3, tr 7, tr 3, ch 2, tr 3, tr 8, tr 3, ch 2, tr 3.

And can I just add a little 'disclaimer' here. I have been playing with the chart programme to get used to it and am not that comfortable with it yet so if there are mistakes (and I think there probably are) I do apologise!!!

Back to my cushions. More confident on that level:

I backed all the cushions with this fab print I picked up from Hobbycraft. I love the grey background and pretty floral print with colours that match well with my yarn choice. 

So as I said these cushions are for my living room, but for some reason I decided to photograph them outside - on a very sunny day!

The fourth cushion of my set is still in it's infancy, and been forgotten about completely until I started writing this post. 

This is Rose hip's crochet flower square pattern and I have made only a few more of these cute squares. I guess this last cushion has fallen into the long list of WIP's I have. Maybe I will dig it out to finish it off some day, but it feels like the moment has passed right now. Oh dear :o(

The other three cushions take pride of place in our living room and I do love to see them there and plump them up as I tidy. They blend well with the decor so I'm very happy with that - so mission accomplished!
Best get off now to tackle my jobs for the day, so I can then put my feet up later!

Thanks for your company today, take care

'till next time...


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