Corsica Cardi

So yeah, I finished my crochet cardi, and it's turned out alright! Yes I am a bit surprised after my knitted Roxy cardigan that seemed to want to do it's own thing. But, not one to be defeated I took up my hook to attempt this Rowan pattern.

Things started fairly well. The plain, lower section is worked in half treble crochets made 'in between' the stitches of the row below, rather than into the top of the stitch - I thought that was strange at first but it works really well and now I love this method!

Working the decreases in the lace pattern to make the sloping fronts was where I struggled. Maybe it's just my lack of experience but this section seemed difficult to follow. I decided to work both fronts, from the where the lace pattern starts, simultaneously so that I could keep track of where I was and make sure the fronts matched each other - at least any 'wrongness' on one side would be mirrored on the other!

The pattern is worked over a 4 row repeat, quite easy as long as you keep track which row you're at. As you can see I sketched out the pattern roughly to make it easier for me to follow (I do love crochet charts very much and can work better with this visual method as opposed to written instructions). Mug of tea essential to aid concentration.

Once I had conquered those sloping fronts it was all fun and games to finish, with a cute mini border and this lovely hand-made button sent to me by my friend Stephanie all the way from the states. Thanks Steph - your button finishes off my cardi so perfectly!!

I love the sloping shoulders that make little cap sleeves...

and the contrast of the lacy top and the plainer lower section.

I love it. I'm so pleased it's worked out, and rather relieved! It's a heavy garment making it feel worth all the effort somehow, but also making it very warm and maybe not the best to wear in this glorious weather we are enjoying right now!

I can't help being secretly really chuffed with myself for making this and am keen to work on more garments - either crocheted or knitted! 

Find the pattern on ravelry here.
The yarn I used is King Cole Giza, which is an Egyptian mercerised cotton, and a size 3mm hook. It is a substitute as the pattern is shown in Sienna 4 ply, in the book Summer Crochet by Rowan.

I've got a little pressie for all you lovelies in my next post so stayed tuned!

'till next time...


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