Catch up & a small bit of crochet

Well, I think I have not paid enough attention to my blog lately. Or my blog reading list I'm afraid. I've had a cold / flu virus thing that knocked me for six few a good week and my enthusiasm for everything was lost whilst my body was busy fighting those nasty germs. Then on from that I have been a bit disorganised and airy-fairy with most things, just dealing with the essentials so as to keep my head above water. But I have missed checking in with all my friends here in blogland, and so here is a quick catch-up so to speak!

My little ones party seems a while ago now but we did have a wonderful time!

It started off gloriously sunny that morning and the new tee-pee...

and new water / sand table were big hits with the birthday girl. (Mummy says sand on one side, water on other side. Don't be silly Mummy, two year olds know it's sludge both sides!!)

The bunting and paper pom-poms prettied up the place a bit...

But by the time the bouncy castle (with slide - v.important) arrived the black clouds had appeared and were very threatening :o(
It was a case of dodging the rain showers and dashing in and out of the house. The children still managed to get lots of bouncing done and we still had a really good time, despite the less favourable weather!

and of course we still were able to enjoy the yummy food...

including some of Nigella's brownies. I haven't made these for a while and my children were giddy with excitement that they were included on the menu as they love them so much (too much!)

I can't take credit for making the birthday cake however. My lovely work friend made this for us, isn't it brilliant!
So the day was a success and fun was had by all :o)

A week or so later was my eldests school prom. She likes to be different and stand out from the crowd, and she decided she would have a 'steam punk' style outfit. 

I made her blouse using the same pattern I used for the blouse I showed you here, but I made the sleeve longer. This pattern has been very useful indeed! The rest of her clothing was brought at Camden market on a couple of recent visits, and although she was dressed very different from most of her peers I thought she looked gorgeous and am very proud of her individual style. Well those Clockwork Orange style goggles on the hat I don't get but then as 'mother' I guess I'm not supposed to!

While I wasn't very well I wasn't feeling in the mood for much crafting, however a couple of evenings ago I knew I was on the mend as I spent a few hours sewing my latest quilt...

and this morning, still in my PJ's I finished the top off. I'm really pleased with how it's coming along and have ordered some fabric for the backing that had been reduced in the sale. I will of course show you all when it's done.

Crochet wise, this Corsica cardigan by Rowan is giving me a headache!

I cannot lie, the shaping of the front neckline while still making the lacy pattern is a challenge for me, but you know I won't give up on it so I will keep you posted...

A long post today, congrates if you're still with me! There are still some other things I want to share with you so hopefully I will be back quite soon, and not leave it too long to pop my head in to say hello.

Happy forthcoming week to you all,
'till next time...


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