Sunday Stills

Having a post title of 'Sunday Stills' is great for having the opportunity to show a free range of pictures to cover what I've been up to this week.
I had lots of emails from Bloglovin' telling me I have new followers - welcome to you all, and also those of you who are new here via other methods.
And hello to all my friends who've been around for longer, I'm so happy you've stopped by :0)

Not much crochet has occurred this week unfortunately (but I have achieved in other areas so that's okay) My cushion collection hasn't moved on at all but I have been working on the pattern for the square of the above cushion front. It's just my own collection of stitches but I do think it works quite well and this one is certainly my favourite front out of the bunch.
So I will be able to share the pattern and chart soon with you all.

It is a gloriously sunny day here today and I'm loving the blooms in my hanging basket, vibrant in the sunlight! Could anyone tell me the name of the pink flowers in the first picture? I bought them from Aldi and didn't save the label.

I also couldn't resist the peonies for sale when I went shopping. I have noticed quite a few of these plants in the front gardens I nose into along my travels, but could not bring to mind the name - it was on the tip of my tongue. When I spied these pretty pink ones and read the sticker I mentally exclaimed 'Ah, of course!' - being on my own I felt it best to keep my satisfaction at getting the answer to myself :o)
BTW, the doily is made from a pattern in the Mollie Makes crochet book and is a Emma Lamb design. I used crochet cotton to make mine.

I don't usually take pictures of food I've made as generally the food I make is not particularly attractive, but my lunch today was an exception. My salad of mozzarella cheese, juicy tomatoes, basil from the garden and Balsamic vinegar glaze was delicious, it tasted as good as it looked!

I'm also jotting down a few ideas for my Q & A session with lovely Lucy, part of the prize from the Deramores blogging award that I was VERY fortunate to win this week. So many things I'd like to ask, being the nosy parker I am.

Sweetheart, are you ready for your afternoon nap yet?....

                                                         'till next time...


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