Roxy Cardigan

I started this knitting project with so much optimism, enthusiasm and determination. I was sure I could make it if I put my mind to it, I just needed to try.

Knitting not being my best skill I was a little apprehensive but figured if I was ever going to improve I needed to practice and get on with it, and learn as I went. This pattern is Roxy by Lesley Arnold-Hopkins featured in Issue 58 of Let's Knit magazine, 

I like the shape and thought it would be a fairly easy garment to start off with (it has no sleeves for heavens sake!). I wanted it to go with my cherry skirt and found the green bamboo yarn online at an incredibly low price of £1.99 per 50g (Sirdar Flirt shade 231).

So off I went. I made my tension square and it was spot on first time - great. I cast on. It was slow going but that was ok. Each time I encountered a stage I hadn't done before (sewing shoulder seams, picking up stitches around armholes and neck edge) I would consult the ever generous youtube for help and I also used the mini videos that Deramores have on their site. They haven't asked me to promote them at all, I just found them really useful. It was good to watch how the lady held her yarn / needles and I like the music too :o)

Picking up the stitches all around the front and neck edge was certainly the most difficult part and I did pull the first attempt out as I had not distributed the stitches evenly enough. Second time around though I thought I got it about right and I also found a good youtube vid for the buttonholes and was satisfied with the result. 

I adore these buttons, very vintage!

But I'm not happy. No I'm afraid not. I'm happy I've finished this cardigan, and for the most I really like it. The colour is gorgeous and just what I wanted. The fabric feels soft and and nice to wear. The fit is perfect at the top but somewhere along the line I have stretched (not intentionally of course) the rib hem and it's left it being a rather shapeless garment instead of the cute cardi I thought it would be.

It is too box like. Shapeless really.

Here I've pulled it in at the back to try to make it look more like it should.

It doesn't look right with my cherry skirt at all and I have been feeling quite depressed about it. Yesterday however I made this pretty peasant blouse that has been on my bucket list for a while and my Roxy cardi goes surprisingly well with it. Here I am wearing it with my jeans and thinking it wasn't as much of a disaster as I had initially thought.

Although my little one pointed at me wearing my ensemble and said "like Grandpa". There are two things I thought about this comment. Firstly, that is very astute for a very nearly 2 year old and secondly, how bloody insulting!!!

I actually went out like this in public. Yes I did. I don't think anyone took much notice and I certainly didn't see people pointing at me and sniggering behind cupped hands, but I didn't feel fabulous or cool or stylish. I felt I was wearing my gardening clothes.

I'm not sure what the problem is or where I have gone wrong. The bust comes out at the correct measurement according to the size chart. I used smaller needles to knit the rib and a bigger size needle for the main body. I must've stretched the rib when I was blocking it and there seems no going back now. Any advice on washing it and maybe putting it in the tumble dryer to shrink it a bit?

I am determined not to be put off knitting though and have some ideas for more knitty makes, but I can't hide my disappointment at this failure cardigan and wish I could be typing the words "I really love how this has turned out". But, just as my beloved Justin would sing - there is no such thing as a waste of time and I have definitely learnt a lot from making this.

Ah well, never mind.

On another note can I say hello to all my new visitors that have come my way thanks to my Deramores win and more recently to Sandra's link to me on her blog hop post (thank you S). I am due to do my post on Monday but have yet to find anyone to pass the baton onto. If you fancy volunteering, leave a comment with your blog address and I will link to your site.
I've also had loads of entries for my giveaway as well, good luck to everyone who has left a comment or sent me an email, I'm drawing the winning name out of the hat on Tuesday 1st July

'till next time...



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