How does your garden grow?

It's just occurred to me that it's a week before my youngest daughters second birthday, so I am compiling a 'list of things to do' to prepare for her party. Just a small garden get together for family. The Peppa Pig bouncy castle (WITH SLIDE) has been ordered and the invites I made using pages from a Peppa Pig comic to make the envelopes were sent out a few weeks ago. Why I didn't take photos of them to show you here I don't know. They turned out really well but it didn't occur to me until after I had popped them into the letter box :o)

I will bake during this week and freeze if necessary. I like to get as much done in advance as possible, I have hosted many children's parties over the years and have learnt the hard way not to leave everything to the last minute! I want to search the Mary Berry tip of making sandwiches the day before and storing them (I think) wrapped in a damp, clean tea-towel and cling-film in the fridge. Like I said I need to see if I can find this on the net somewhere, I saw her demonstrating the time-saving idea on her show a month or so ago. If any of you saw it too let me know what I need to do please?

For now though I need to get the garden tidied up (with my son and his friend playing football out there and decapitating some of my flowers I have a job turning the site of destruction around, GRRR)
However, I have just planted a new clematis 'Mayleen' this morning which I intend to grow up my crochet trellis, made by my lovely talented niece.

She makes these with garden twine in various colours and patterns and sells them through her Etsy shop. I picked this one up from her when we visited a few weeks ago but I'm thinking I could do with a couple more to continue along the fence.

Mayleen needs to do a bit of growing before she reaches her trellis to cling to, but it won't take long now she's in the earth. She'll soon be entwining herself around the crochet and hopefully I will have flowers - if not this year but next!

I'm hoping you will fancy having crochet trellis in your garden too and hop on over to Seren's Etsy shop to order some for your garden and help her business grow. She also has some crochet planters, hanging baskets, coasters and butterfly design trellis.

'till next time...


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