Hey Mr Postman!

Well hello there! Hope you are all well.

Thank you Carole for leaving a comment and letting me know what my cute flowers are called: mesembryanthemums!!

They really do open up in the sunshine and then close up again when it gets shady or dark. It's quite funny to watch them, it's almost like they're playing peek-a-boo! (although in slow time )

Our postie was very busy yesterday, and arrived in the morning with some treasures from overseas:
Here is my eldest with her new Gerard Way T-shirt that was ordered from the states (please Mum, please, please, please... I will give you the money if you do it on your Paypal account. Pleaseeeee?)

Who is Gerard Way you may ask? I had to. Something to do with the band My Chemical Romance. I hope I've remembered that right... or is it Panic at the Disco? 

Anyway.... the other treasure that arrived yesterday was from Australia. From the lovely and kind Joy of Joyjinks blog.

Isn't this the cutest mandala? I absolutely love the colours Joy has used to make this for me. So pretty, and so kind of her to take the trouble. 
Here is the handmade card that came with my gift:

Some gorgeous Japanese cotton stitched to a card. Such a simply but beautifully effective idea.
Joy sent me this after I had made her a gift for her birthday. Well Joy, it's my birthday this Saturday so your timing is spot on!

And on the subject of gifts from far and wide I want to share with you some lovely bits that were sent to me by Stephanie who had won the giveaway I held a while back. It's probably a bit remiss of me not to have shared them with you at the time, but better late than never!

A sweet make-up bag, some cute crochet flowers, buttons and hair slides and the funniest monkey tape measure!

I do have to keep him away from my little one as she loves him and will play with him for ages, pulling the tape out and pressing the button to reel it back in. But I worry she might break him so he's hidden when her back is turned.

Thank you Stephanie for your lovely gifts!

But back to yesterday. Another mysterious box arrived mid afternoon.....

Have you any idea what it might contain? I bet you can guess!

I will reveal all soon...

'till next time...



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