Floral Peasant Blouse

Good morning all you lovelies, thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support about my Roxy cardigan. The general consensus is that the problem with my cardi is the sizing and the type of yarn I used. Thank you to Jo for sharing the tip of keeping a good fitting item of knitwear to compare size with and also for the tip about making a size smaller than you might usually wear. I will bear this in mind for future.
The bamboo yarn I used is prone to be loose a drapy so that added to the bagginess of the garment. It's a shame as it is a lovely yarn, the colour and texture are to my liking. It's good to learn about these things though.

However the chaps who run the Ying and Yang department have been at work for me as it seems that for every project that has not worked out quite as you would've liked, there is the balance of the project that has worked out even better than expected!

And I made this on a whim as well.

So yesterday, my mother-in-law had thoughtfully offered to mind my smallest children so I could crack on getting organised for the BIG PARTY today. I was rushing around cleaning the house (I could do this forever and still not get it finished - my biggest WIP) and I also took the opportunity to nip to the local fabric store to pick up some fabric I need to make a blouse for my daughter's prom - more of that to come. And then I spied this:

This gorgeous, soft, beautifully printed fabric! I knew exactly what I wanted to make from it and bought 90cm as the print is in panels and that is what one and a half panels measured. It's priced at £6.75 per meter so you can work out the maths if you want, I just know my new blouse cost very little :o)

I was so excited about this fabric I could not wait to make it up, and really wanted to wear it today for my little ones birthday. It is quick and easy to make, and I was fairly organised regarding party prep, so I though what the heck? and before I knew it I had cut out my front, back and 2 sleeves!
I have used this tutorial to make my peasant blouse pattern, only 2 pattern pieces. It's the same as the one mentioned in my last post, but for this one I shortened the sleeve slightly.

You may or may not know I worked as a pattern cutter in a former life so you may assume that I would find any pattern making easy. Well I can assure you this tutorial is very good and simple to follow so even I can do it :o)

Usually when I rush into projects things go horribly wrong but Ying and Yang were looking after me and everything was plain sailing. Even the tension on my overlocker was spot on first time. Me and my overlocker go back a long way and have a love/hate relationship. I don't think in all the time we have known each other I have ever had such perfect tension. Overlocker must love this fabric just as much as I do!!

My tip is to play around with the elastic at the neck. Too loose and and your blouse will look like a hospital gown. Make sure it's pulled up enough to give an 'attractive' neckline.

I can't tell you how happy I am with this blouse. The fabric is so soft and I love the bright colours of the prints. It's so summery and holidayish.

I am a very happy bunny that this has worked out. Even better than I envisaged. I'm off for my shower and then to get on with the party stuff. The sun is shining and so I hope it stays nice and we can play in the garden and eat outside. I think my blouse will be cool to wear, which will be perfect for today.

'till next time...


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