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Hello all! today I'm here to do my blog hop post and thank you to my lovely friend Sandra for inviting me. You must know Sandra cherry heart and her gorgeous blog, full of the prettiest crochet and patchwork crafting. I really admire Sandra's work and her blog has been one of my favourites since I first discovered the whole world of blogging.

So the idea behind this blog hop is to answer 3 questions, and also to introduce you onto other blogs that I'm sure you'll enjoy. So first up is the questions:

What am I working on?

As usual I am working on a few things all at once. Sometimes having many things on the go can leave me feeling confused and overwhelmed but I doubt I will change and concentrate on only one thing at a time. I have just finished my knitted Roxy cardigan and feel very pleased that I have completed a knitted garment for myself. It has been a challenge but very enjoyable. I have learnt a lot about knitting and techniques for finishing off the garment. It didn't come out quite as expected but it is certainly a case of learning by your mistakes. Onwards and upwards with the knitting projects I go!

I also have my 'Happiness on a Rainy Day Quilt' on the machine right now. I am quite giddy with sewing pleasure as I make these pretty blocks up, they are so much fun to sew and I'm really enjoying this patchwork project.

Crochet wise I am on a cotton blanket called 'Jewels in the Snow' and is my version of this gorgeous creation. I intend to make this fairly large and really should set myself a target to do some of these little beauties each day.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I'm not sure about this. I don't really compare as it's my nature to think everyone is doing better / nicer things than me. So instead I just carry on doing what I like and if others like it too then that's great! I make for my own pleasure and I don't worry if I am being original or not as that's not what it's about for me.

Why do I create what I do?    

Because I have to and need to. I genuinely feel sad if I don't get any creative time. My creative outlet is crochet, sewing, some knitting and card-making and I find doing these things immensely therapeutic and soul-nourishing. My husband needs to do his music in the same way so we always respect the others need for time and share our parenting duties so we both can be free to do our own things sometimes. Being able to create and make is my life blood so is essential for my well being. There is no other way to explain it other than I enjoy it so much and would feel half of me if I wasn't able to pursue my hobby anymore.

How does your creating process work?   

Inspiration can come from anywhere but I often find the time between being asleep and waking up fully is when I get my best ideas. Sometimes I will make from a pattern just for the pleasure of sewing or hooking. Other times I will make a mess playing with lots of things, putting together my own ideas to see what works. I always get excited and start things with total focus, then there is usually the boredom stage where I have to kinda force my way on with the project and thats when doubts about how good the thing is creep in. But as I get to the end I usually enjoy the sense of satisfaction and often feel relief that I have finished something off properly. I can't deny I will see something someone else has done and like it but will want to take it and put my own spin on it maybe, to make it my own (do I now sound like a judge from the Xfactor or something?)

So there you are, now it's time for me to pass on the baton, and for you to hop on over to 2 more fantastic blogs. First is Maria at Dinky Dots Craft. I have followed Maria for some time and I love  her friendly way of writing and pretty crafting style. This is her waterlily blanket that I adore. She often leaves comments here and I like to comment back to her and although I have never met her, she comes across as a really lovely person.
Here is her introduction:

I've always loved making and creating, and I dabble in a variety of crafts.  My blog is a diary of all the pretty and creative things in my life.  I share the things I've made (or are working on), home improvements, and any other bits and bobs which take my fancy!  Blogging is a great way to share ideas and inspiration with others.  It always puts a big smile on my face to think that people are reading my posts and are interested in my crafty nonsense!

Secondly is Claire form Mrs Brown Makes. This is a 'new to me' blog and so I have spent some very enjoyable time going through Claire's posts. She has a lovely hexagon blanket on the go and her Martha's ripple blanket is a truly gorgeous ripple and one I might like to copy one day...
This is what Claire says about her blog:

Since learning to crochet just over 2yrs ago, my projects now seems to occupy most of the nooks and crannies in the small Victorian terrace I share with my husband, our three girls and the cat. My blog gives me a little extra space to organise all these things, pass on the things I’ve learnt and share the things I love to make. I’ve been known to do the odd craft fair and have a very soft spot for vintage fabric too. 

I hope you have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy hopping from blog to blog,
'till next time...

PS Don't forget I'm back tomorrow to announce the winner of my giveaway!! 3 posts in 3 days - get me :o)


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