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Hello everyone, hope you guys are well? This week for us is shaping up to be a very busy one, and I'm not sure I will get much time to get my 'cushion collection' finished! As well as my usual 3 work days I seem to have organised loads of appointments for us all, from haircuts to dentist, doctors and the physio appointment for my back (at long last). My eldest has exams this week, my other daughter has a school trip, my son a party to go to and as usual my husband is rushing around chasing the dream and trying to fit too much into his day.

We are having our loft insulated tomorrow and have emptied the contants into my poor sons bedroom:

Oh dear - hoader next door! Although, I wonder if you are taken with the choice of bed quilt (made by moi millions of years ago) - goes well with the Jack Sparrow poster don't you think? :o)
I'll be very, very glad when we are able to put all this back up into the loft; out of sight, out of mind. (I think my son will be relieved when it's gone too)

So as well as all the rushing around I have the usual exciting chores to keep me occupied, tons of washing and tidying, you know how it is. Constantly picking up food from the floor dropped by the youngest member of the family and mopping up spillages made. Not the only thing I have to mop up...

Every time she turns around she has a nose like that lately! Ah, the delights of caring for an infant :o)
Good job she is such a cutie pie!

But within all the busyness, there is always the yarn and the hook.

I'm making some cushions at the moment, with colours sympathetic to our front room so as to sit well on the sofa ( I do love the rainbow brights but they just don't look right with our current colour scheme) I think I will end up with four altogether, all using the same yarns but with different patterns. None of them are completely finished yet, and I will do a specific post when they are done with lots of info and links.


I have finished the back and both fronts, have blocked them using the gorgeous smelling Wrapture delicate wash (they took about 36 hours to dry) and have joined the shoulder seams. This design is more of a waistcoat cardigan so has no sleeves and I am in the process of picking up the stitches around the armhole to knit the narrow rib band. It is quite a challenge for me but, I am enjoying the process and am really looking forward to finishing soon.

And I do have another piece of news to share with you today, turns out I have been picked as one of the winners of the Deramores blog awards 2014 competition and named as 'Britain's best undiscovered crochet blogger'! Oh my goodness, what do you make of that? I can't quite believe it actually and have had to check out the site several times to make sure it's not a figment of my imagination. They had an amazing panel of judges to look through all the entries including the very cool Arne and Carlos - these guys are brilliant. And then on the crochet side, amongst others was the crochet and colour legend herself Lucy from Attic 24!! You do realise what this means don't you? Lucy has actually read my blog!!! Yes, yes I know I am rather star struck, please humour me :0)

I have had lots of congratulation messages already, thank you everyone for your kindness. It's so exciting, but I must admit I feel a bit shy about it as well. All the entries were brilliant so I feel very honoured indeed to have been picked out.

Thanks for popping by and staying for a read

'till next time...


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