I'm really enjoying my garden at the moment. Spending time outside, the above photos show the gorgeous plants that grace our patch. We have had some fantastic weather recently and it's been so pleasurable to be outside. Not today though. I've been standing at my back door, wrapped in a crochet blanket for warmth and cuddling a hot mug of tea watching the rain. It's pouring and I'm mesmerised by it. I've got a lot on my mind, I wish I could sort my thoughts.

This week I picked up this cute shelving unit from Bargain Alley for £12. I'm not really going to display wool in it as at the moment it's situated in our dining area, I was just having a play and fantasising about a dedicated craft room all to myself, somewhere I could have a cutting table and my sewing machines set up permanently, so I don't have to commandeer the dining room table only to have to move everything to make room for my daughter who needs to revise for her English lit GCSE exam.

Aldi have a fine display of succulents on sale right now. This little lady was so pretty I bought her home with me. I like the fact that she is going to be undemanding on me, not needing too much attention - I feel at bit stretched in the attention giving department right now.

I had a few 'Alan' hours booked in this week. The lovely man pressure washed the crazy paving at the top end of the garden, revealing the pinks and yellows of the slabs and bringing the area back to it's original beauty. Honestly, it's come up really well after years of dirt covering it.

He also put up my wall hanging...

This is my version of spools. I had downloaded the thimble blossoms pattern but upsized the dimensions as I wanted a bigger wall hanging. It started off quite well although I did encounter problems along the way and had to unpick a lot of the quilting stitching (not a problem with the pattern I hasten to add), leaving me feeling annoyed with it for a while. I got over it though and finished it off and like it now I've 'stepped away' from it.
I really love the sewing machine quilt hanger I bought from here, it's a fun way to display mini quilts.

We have had sunshine and showers throughout today. I hope the weather is good for you wherever you are

'till next time



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