Picnic Blanket

I've come down this morning to find a spider had spun her web from the corner of an upper kitchen cupboard to the edge of the work surface, right where the kettle is. A perfect piece of work. My daughter insisted I move it (I had made my tea around it), so I gathered the spider up in a tissue, wrecking the web in the process and put her outside on the garden bench. I apologised to her and said she would have to start again.

I'm still knitting. Thanks for all your encouragement, I'm halfway up the left front so although quite slow I do feel like I'm getting there.

It's a beautiful day today, we had thunderstorms yesterday evening and it has obviously been raining in the night, but this morning the sun is shining and the sky is blue and I hope my spider has found a more suitable place to spin a new web and has started to crack on.

This is the picnic blanket I finished last week. We were blessed with gorgeous weather the last bank holiday Monday and I managed to finish this off that morning so was very excited to use it. I packed up a picnic and me and the children headed to one of the town parks near the river. We needed to do the 'park-swing-slide' thing for my youngest but the park was heaving with people (good weather + bank holiday = very busy play park) so we stayed a while then decided to take a walk along the river. Still fairly busy but not too bad we ambled along at a (nearly) 2year olds pace and had a very enjoyable time indeed :o)

A lady on Instagram (@mycraftlife ) sells yarn in colour packs and I bought her 'CK Inspired' pack a while ago.  The yarn sat around for a bit as usual and then I suddenly felt inspired to make some granny squares , which turned into a picnic blanket with a wide border and a fun pom-pom edging that you can find the tutorial for here. I have to say the edging had to be like that, no other choice would do, it was asking to have a pom-pom edge and I was happy to oblige!

I've seen many crochet blankets this style and colour way around, 7 round granny squares with round 4 and 7 in the base colour of sky blue. I joined them so the strong red colour was alternated - one square with it on any one of the first 3 rounds and then the next square with the red coming on either round 5 or 6.

This blanket now lives in my car and I love to catch a view of it in my rear view mirror. It will accompany us on all our day trips and holidays from now on.

and of course on the many picnics we will have this summer :o)

FYI: the yarn is New Fashion double knitting by Woolcraft, quite widely available I'm sure but here is the contact email for where I purchased my yarn pack: Sales@mycraftlife.co.uk

'till next time...


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