Cherry 3341

Hello there, how are you doing? It's a nice sunny day here and I have just opened the back door to the sunshine and sound of the church bells ringing. I may try and get out in the garden to do some tidying of the borders. As usual the days speed past so fast and there is always so much to do - both what needs to be done and what I want to do. The trick is to do bits of both of course.

So I'm here today to show you a skirt I've made. I have been hoarding collecting fabric for a while with the intention of making a simple a-line skirt to wear in the summer. I had the daft idea of drafting the pattern myself with the help of my old pattern cutting books from college. Even if I had managed to drag from my hard-to-reach memory banks the knowledge of how to do it, because it's such a time consuming process I wasn't that keen to get started so when lazy daisy brought to my attention McCalls 3341- a simple skirt pattern in different lengths, I had to do a little purchase of the pattern as it's exactly what I had in mind.

My cherry print fabric. I have had it for ages and love it soooo much. I can't remember where on earth I got it from, I really can't. I have in the past just put the word 'cherry' in the search box on Ebay or Amazon to see what comes up as I love all things cherry, so it probably was one of those moments :0)

Back to the making process. It wasn't as straight forward as I thought though. When I took my body measurements and compared to the chart on the back of the envelope I found my hips were around the size 14 but my waist measurement was off the scale! I'm not kidding, it's bigger than the biggest size on there! I know I have a weird body shape - a muffin top of mammoth proportions and I certainly could do with shaping up, but what should I do? 
After some pondering (and thinking it was all going to be about elasticated skirts from now on) I decided to cut the size 16 and I altered the skirt as I went along (and did the same to the pattern) I am however not entirely happy with the fit, believe it or not it seems a bit loose. I had to take the hips in quite a bit and even at the waist I made adjustments to the side seams and darts. I think the amount of ease the pattern makers put in is quite generous!

Nevertheless, I do still love this skirt, especially the green ric-rac trim at the hem - it's all the rage you know!

Here's me posing in my brothers kitchen when we went up for a visit during the school Easter holidays. I hate photos of myself - especially this one which illustrates my pregnant looking stomach so well. I bet though, in ten years time I will look back at this picture and think I look okay, I find this with photos. (The crochet flower brooch I'm wearing was made for me by my 9 year old niece)

As you can see I have a red cardi that I wear with my cherry skirt, but the shade is not quite right and I fancy having a green one. I have looked around and apart from a expensive, but no doubt gorgeous one from Boden I've had no luck finding one. So guess what? 

...I've started to knit one! Please don't leave a comment on how I can improve my knitting - I know it's not brilliant but I'm determined to get it finished as 'done is better than perfect' and I want to stay in my ignorance is bliss bubble on the knitting front so as not to be discouraged. I of course will be back to share with you my progress of the green knitted cardi, it is a huge project for me and I'm convinced it is the same amount of work as a king-size crochet blanket!

And did you spot the cute crochet coat-hanger?

I've wanted to make this sort of thing for ages (this particular pattern is from a book called Crochet with Color by Kazuko Ryokai) However, I hadn't been able to find any wooden coat hangers the right shape until I spied a pack of 5 for £2.99 in Dunelm and snapped them up! This is the only one I've made so far but will make more as they are fun to do!

The whole time I've been typing this post my little girl has been grabbing my hand and trying to pull me away from the computer so I'm off to get dressed and get out in my garden - I'm sure she will love to help with the digging :0)

'till next time...


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