Magic Hexagon Blanket - part 2

Hello to you all, I'm back with part 2 of my Magic Hexagon Blanket post. I thought I would share with you here how I joined the hexies and also how I made my border for this blanket. Part 1, where I show how I made my hexies can be found here.

I joined my hexies in long strips first and then joined them to each other row by row. I made a total of 105 full hexies and 10 half hexies. I made 6 strips of 10 full hexies and 5 strips of 9 full hexies with a half hexie at each end. The joining method is similar to the last round of each hexie and is done in the same colour, which for my blanket is white.

So firstly take 2 hexies and hold them right sides together:

Start with a slip knot on your hook and go through the corner 2 ch space of both hexies, ch 1 (doesn't count as stitch) and then 1dc, 2ch, into the chain space.

Continue along with 1dc and 2ch into all the chain spaces along one edge of your hexie, finishing off with 1dc in the corner space at the end and fasten off. (you can see why this is an 'endy' project can't you?) Joining like this gives a little ridge on the back but is quite flat on the front, I quite like this way  :0)

So when you have joined all your short sides like this and made at least 2 strips you will need to join the strips together, going up and down the hexagon sides, almost in a zig-zag fashion. As you can see from the photo below I am going to show you how I joined this half-hexie in but the method is the same for the full hexies too.

Again holding the hexies right sides together, start with a slip-knot on your hook in the corner 2ch space of both hexagons and ch1, 1dc 2ch into that 2ch space, and work along your edge as before ( 1dc, 2ch in each ch space). When you get to the next corner, put your hook into the 2ch corner space of both hexies and yarn over:

Pull through loop (2 loops on hook) and then put your hook through the 2ch corner space of the next hexie along, yarn over and pull up loop. Like this:

3 loops on hook.
Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook:


Bring around the hexie so it's in place to start joining the next side of it to the next hexie along. 

and then you can continue along the side with 1dc, 2ch into each 2ch space.

I so hope that these instructions are understandable! It's quite difficult to explain, even though it's fairly simple. Hopefully, when you have your hook, yarn and hexies with you and you are working through it step by step it will become clear :o)

So the border. I didn't want anything too wide on my blanket but I do like to bring it all together with a simple border to finish it off nicely. As I used half hexies I had 2 straight sides, and 2 zig-zag sides to the blanket.

This shows the zig-zag side

 The first row of the border (using the white joining yarn) I went all around the edge of the blanket doing 2 trebles in each 2ch spaces, with 2tr, 2ch, 2tr in the outer, pointy corners (and the actual corners of the blanket) and just 1tr in each of the corner spaces that makes the 'valley' of the zig-zag edge:

Along your straight edges continue to do 2tr in each 2ch space but when you get to where the half hexies and full hexies meet do 1tr in each of the corner 2ch spaces so you don't end up with too many stitches.

The second and final row of the border is made up of 1dc in each stitch (2 in the corners) and picots spaced evenly along. I going to be honest here and confess to fudging it a little to make the picot fall evenly as the maths didn't quite work out. The zig-zag edge is easiest as at the points you do 1dc, 1picot, 1dc in the corner 2ch space. 1dc in each of the next 8 stitches, 1picot, 1dc in next 8 stitches - and then you are at an inner point and you can do another picot there. (my picot is ch3 and slip stitch into the first ch)

On the straight sides I did 1dc in each stitch and made 1picot on every eleventh stitch.

But you know guys sometimes there was an extra stitch in between the picots here and there. For me that's fine, I don't mind and I don't think it notices any. If you are more fussy about these things you'll need to count your stitches and work it out properly.

Well I hope I have been helpful to anyone who would like to make a magic hexagon blanket. I enjoyed making mine and I love using it to snuggle my little girl up at night time in her cot.
It seems to have taken me ages to get round to posting this and I think it's because I worry that my instructions aren't that good. Hopefully you can use this as more of a guide than a bona fide tutorial!!!!

Have Fun!!

'till next time...


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