Happy Easter!!

Hello there, just popping by to say hi and to wish you all a Happy Easter.

I have been working on the joining method and border instructions of my Magic Hexagon Blanket as promised in my last post so I hope to bring it to you soon. I feel it is a bit of a long time coming, it is taking me longer than I thought! But I'm nearly there with it and will be happy to get it done and dusted.

I finally got around to putting up my little Easter display this morning. Last year was the first time I decorated for Easter and, as I have pretty blossom trees in my garden I planned on using the branches to hang the eggs from. However best laid plans and all that, with the really cold weather the blossom didn't come out in time and I had to think of a plan B. So this year I bought some fake pink blossom to use (which I really like) which is a good job because the blossom has been and gone already on my garden trees - so I still can't use the real thing :0)

You can see our wall sticker behind the blossom. It is lyrics from one of my favourite songs - written by my husband! It says: I love this place, I love your familiar face. I love this life, with you it feels so right.
He's a romantic ol' soul don't you think? 

Above is the link to him performing the song (I have posted a link to this before so sorry to repeat). He'll be very happy that I've put this on here!

We will have to have hard boiled eggs on Sunday morning so we can use these cute egg bobble hats I made last year. They only take a few moments to make and here is the link to the pattern if you fancy having a go :0)

So bye for now from me and my little flower fairy,

'till next time...


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