African Flower Bag

Hey you guys, thanks so much for your supportive comments on my Magic Hexagon Blanket posts, I very much want to share how I make my things and am always happy to link here, there, and everywhere so if you want more information it's easy to go to. Including a 'tutorial' of sorts is my  way of giving back to blogland as I have used many tutorials others have published. It does take time to write out patterns / instructions, and it probably would've been easier if I had made notes as I went along (instead of weeks after my blanket was finished!) but it's worth it, and I would love it if any of you end up making something similar. And of course if you do I'd love to see (email link in side bar!!!)

So, back to the blogging business of the day.
Do you ever crochet for the sake of it? I do I'm afraid.  Sometimes I just want to have a go at making a particular motif or pattern. With a particular yarn, using certain colours that appeal to me at that moment in time. I love the feel of the yarn around the hook and the satisfaction of making a pretty thing from gorgeous wool, or maybe cotton. I can't say it's the same for sewing - I don't sit at my machine just to feel the whir of the wheels and the up and down of the needle (although a perfect tension row of stitches is very satisfying :o), an end product is always the aim here.

But when it comes to crochet, the process of forming the stitches with loops and yarn-overs is enough to bring me happiness. ( I know I'm in good company here and can confess to such things :0)
And this is exactly how this project started:

Lovely, lovely, lovely african flower motifs. Classic pattern, if you type it into the search engine it's easy to get the written instructions and/or tutorials. Such a joy to make, who needs any more reason than that?

This gift box was my colour inspiration and most of the yarn was either stash or from the January sale bin in the yarn shop, reduced in price to a quid a ball. The main joining colour is Jarol Heritage classic dk in shade 152 and is probably my favourite yarn at the moment, both for colour and texture. One saturday evening, when no one was looking, I picked up the bits I needed and just started crocheting, like I say, simply for the sake of it. I made a few motifs over the next few days and played around with them a bit but I have to admit thoughts of what to do with them started to come to me. I didn't want to commit to a blanket as however much I love the idea I have enough others either on the go or waiting in the wings to be started and so a smaller, slightly quicker item was called for.

Being hexagons means things are not so straight forward as traditional granny squares are they? but I did remember seeing this tutorial for a bag some time ago and decided to have a go at it.

It has turned out really well and I do love it! I had to take my time to work my way through all of the instructions but it's a good tutorial and it all seems to come together in the end.

I attached the handles using embroidery floss.

I lined it with some gorgeous Tanya Welan fabric - I love this rosy print! I just had enough to make a little inside pocket :0)

I used this pretty ribbon trim to finish it off.  I love this little detail so much but it was more luck than judgement that it was included. When making my lining pattern I forget to allow for the small crochet border I had made around the top of the bag and so the lining came up slightly short. Adding the ribbon will help to stop the top edge from curling, well I hope so anyway!

My attempt at a selfie to show off my bag - dismal failure! Where are my girls when I need them????

As far as the handles go, I picked them up on my travels some time ago. The lining fabric and the ribbon (drool) are from The Homemakery ( I think I have a serious website crush here - is there such a thing?) 
Oh b*m, I have just been over to the site to get the link and Kate has some gorgeous new fabrics listed, now where did I leave my willpower?...

have a great day my friends,
'till next time...



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