Wedding Sampler Cushion

Do you remember the cross stitch sampler I have been working (and going on about) ?

Well I have finished it, in good time for 'the deadline' and it has been gifted too!

As it was the first large cross stitch project I have attempted I wasn't able to gauge in advance how long it would take. I knew I had a month to finish it and in actual fact it took me about 3 weeks altogether. I had to be quite strict and not deviate to other projects, but as I needed to finish it for my friends wedding that, and the encouraging support from all you lovely followers, was enough motivation to see me through.

Once I had finished the cross stitching I did give it a wash in warm soapy water to freshen it up, and to get rid of a tiny spot of blood in a really obvious place! (I must've pricked my finger :o) I also pre-washed the other fabrics I was intending to use so if it needs washing in the future any shrinkage will have already been dealt with.

The above fabric is what I picked out to go with the sampler. It was the colours that made the decision to buy this - the cherry red, pink and some light blue were just right to match with my stitching. But when I got home and noticed the name of the print I was delighted as 'love and joy' seems so appropriate for a wedding gift.

And here's the finished cushion! I thought a cushion would be a bit different, and for some reason putting the sampler in a hard frame didn't feel right to me. No, I wanted something soft and homespun, and I am pleased with the result.

I piped all around the edge and I even pushed myself and put a zip opening in!!

The back is just the fabric piece but as it is a busy print I don't think it needed anything else. (I didn't take a photo of my zip opening, which is annoying as it worked out well for once and I was super chuffed with it :o)

I enjoyed this project so much. I found the stitching quite intense ( less relaxing than crochet) but the finished result is worth it. I was glad to have finished it in good time for my friends wedding so it wasn't a last minute rush. 

Her wedding day was beautiful. The weather was happily spring-like and the ring exchange words she and her man had chosen to say to one another were endearing.

I am so happy for my friend. It was a wonderful day.

The only thing I would say about this cushion is that I wished I had mitred the corners of the fabric border so it looked like a ribbon all around the sampler. I didn't actually think of this until I was taking photos of it finished. It would've been hard to do as although the cushion is square, the sampler is rectangle so there would've been tricky angles to deal with. Anyway, by the time I'd thought of it it was too late so it is how it is, and I'd like to think that's okay.

I really am my worse critic, that's for sure!!

Hope you all have a great day!

'till next time...


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