Tulip Jar Cosy

Hey ho my lovelies.

What is your favourite flower? Mine is... well I love pretty much all flowers from roses to alliums, to the dainty heart shape ones on the dicentra plant and my new love is the hellebore. But I have long favoured the tulip. I love that they come in many, many colours. I love their shape and form and the fact they droop after a while as if to say, "that's it, I've had enough here". And of course I love that they are relatively cheap to buy. Spring time, when daffodils and tulips are packed in buckets in the supermarket is when I mostly buy cut flowers. When I am fed up with winter grey and long for colour, it's a cheap fix.

I have plenty of pretty jugs and vases to display my posies in, but on Sunday morning I had an idea to crochet a jar cosy especially for bunches of tulips.

Rows of brightly coloured tulips around the jar, with a pink ribbon tying the bunch together! I was quite pleased with how this turned out, and how quickly it was to make. Would you like to see how I made it?

Firstly, with a nice bright green colour yarn I made a chain and I found it had to be tight to my jar size - otherwise the cosy ends up too baggy. But the chain does need to be a multiple of 3, mine was 39.

(Rnd 1) I then joined the chain into a circle with a slip stitch. 1ch and then 1dc into every stitch - ending up with the same amount of dc as the chain, for me 39 (so therefore not counting the first ch of this round) and then I slip stitched into the first dc to close the round.

(Rnd 2) 4ch, 1tr into same stitch as the last slip stitch. *skip 2 stitches (1tr, 1ch, 1tr) into next stitch. Repeat from * all around and then slip stitch into 3rd ch of initial 4ch made at start of round. This is the 'leaf' row.

I then had a fitting session with my jar, and yes seems okay :o)

(Rnd 3) Slip stitch into next ch1 space, using new colour to complete the stitch, a bright cerise pink is good. Don't cut off the green colour though! ch 2 and then do a tr 2 tog stitch into same chain space. That is: *yo, hook into ch space and pull through loop, yo, pull through 2 middle loops, yo, hook back into same ch space and pull loop through, yo, pull through first 2 loops on hook,* yo and pull through remaining 3 loops on hook. (yo is yarn over)

** ch 1 and then do a tr 3 tog into next chain space. That is: do as above from * to * yo, hook back into same ch space again and pull loop through (5 loops on hook) yo, pull through first 2 loops, yo and pull through remaining 4 loops on hook.

Repeat from ** all around and then slip stitch into top of first tr 2 tog. You now have a pretty row of tulip stitches. Fasten off pink colour yarn.

Sorry the above picture is blurry, but I wanted to show you how I picked up the green yarn again, and with my hook pulled a loop through the back of the nearest 'tulip' stitch...

...and then turned it back over to the front and made a slip stitch into the ch space. By carrying your green yarn up to the next row like this it eliminates quite a few of the ends to weave in! 

(Rnd 4) ch 4, 1tr into same ch space. * (1tr, 1ch, 1tr) into next ch space. Repeat from * all around and then slip stitch into 3rd ch of initial 4ch ch made at start of round.

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until your jar cosy is the size required, about up to here:

As you can see I've ended with a 'leaf' row.

(rnd 5) with a tulip coloured yarn, start in any ch space, ch 2, 2tr, 1htr, into same ch space. *(1htr, 2tr, 1htr) into next ch space and all around. Slip stitch into top of 2ch made at start of round. Fasten off and weave in the ends you have.

If you want, thread some ribbon into the last 'leaf' row and tie snuggly when the cosy is on the jar.

Nip down to the supermarket and buy a brightly coloured bunch of tulips and display in your jar to bring sunshine and springtime to your home. 

And of course it's Mothers' Day soon here in the UK at least and I think this would make a super present for your lovely Mummy :o)

The yarn I used for my jar cosy is Lily Sugar 'n Cream which I got from here and I used colours 1712 hot green, 1740 hot pink, 0010 yellow, 1530 country red, 1318 black currant and 1699 tangerine. I used a 5mm hook, and boy did it work up quick - just what I like :o)

As usual, if you spot any dodgyness in this pattern, let me know so I can amend it by either leaving a comment or using my email link on my side bar.

'till next time


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