Sparkle Scarf

I finished off this scarf which is a present for my Mother in law for Mothering Sunday.  I bought the yarn from Aldi earlier this month. The turquoise sparkle brightened up an otherwise uninspiring food shop and it was perfect to try out this forget-me-knot stitch pattern I had been wanting to have a go at.

I can't lie and say this starting being for MIL but after a few rows I felt it was very 'her' ( she does like a bit of sparkle) so decided to gift it along with a treat of afternoon tea at a posh garden centre in a village not far away.

I ADORE this stitch pattern!!! I love the texture it gives and it's ever-so-easy to do. I do fancy coming back to this in the Autumn to make one for myself, I quite fancy this yarn :o)

So purely for my own benefit I'm writing the pattern here so I can refer back later in the year. You can find this forget-me-knot stitch pattern is all over the net, again nothing original of mine, but I want to have a record of exactly how I made this scarf (there is NO-WAY on this earth I would remember otherwise)

Firstly, a hand-drawn chart:

Sparkel Scarf Pattern:

ch 43 (this is a multiple of 3 + 1)

Row 1: ch 2 (yes I know that means you really have a chain of 45, but these end 2 ch count as the first tr and I like to think of them as separate from the first row) 1tr, 2ch, 1dc into 3rd ch from hook (the 43rd chain made) *skip 2 stitches, (2tr, 2ch, 1dc) into next stitch. Repeat from * all the way along to the end. You should have 15 shell shapes. Turn work.

Row 2: ch 2, (1tr, 2ch, 1dc) into first 2ch space of previous row.

* (2tr, 2ch, 1dc) into next 2ch space and repeat from * all along row to end.

It's so easy as once the first row is done you are stitching into the chain spaces you made in the previous row and I always find this quicker and easier than working into actual stitches.

Continue until you have reached the desired length. I made mine the length of my sofa.  

Hang on, let me measure it = 180cm (don't ask me how many rows that is!)

I used 5 x 50g balls with some left over. With anything in Aldi they say once it's gone it's gone so I don't know about getting this yarn again (It's their own brand). Maybe they will stock it again in the future.

Once done the finished end will be nice and scallopy but the starting end is straight so I worked the same stitch pattern into the starting chain (turning the work upside down), working into the same chain stitch that I used for the first row of stitch pattern as it leaves a little loop to work out of. Just working one row like this makes both ends of the scarf the same.

If you are celebrating Mothers Day this Sunday I hope you have a lovely day - either with your own Mum or with the people who call you Mum

'till next time...

PS: Let me know of any mistakes in the pattern (even though it's so basic it would be shameful if I've done it wrong!!)

PPS: I don't think my MIL reads my blog :o)


  1. Hello, i want to make an headband with you pattern so i want to know if i can translate in french.
    You ask if thre's any mistakes in the pattern. I think there're two stitch missing (2ch) into the first 2ch space on the row2 on the drawing .
    I don't know if i'm right or wrong...Sorry for my english, i'm french ;)
    Thank's a lot.


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