Ricicles Shawl

I was hoping to get one of my older girls to take some photos of me wearing my new ricicles shawl, maybe in the garden in the sunshine. And maybe I would look slim and stylish, and the garden would look tidy. And stylish.  Never quite happened for some reason (?). Not to worry, my mannequin has stepped in for me again - and she does a good job!

This is Sandra's Ricicles Shawl pattern. She is one of my favourite crochet designers and I love the stitch choice in her patterns. Does this sound mad? I just mean I feel quite in tune with her designs and enjoy making them very much. Her patterns are well written and easy to follow - I can't say that about every pattern I have attempted!

And of course I have been lucky enough to meet lovely Sandra too, and she is a real sweetheart :o)

So when she released this shawl pattern I felt quite excited and was eager to give it a go. I just stash raided and found this cotton yarn I had found in a sale bin in a yarn shop in Cambridge. It's Katia pima cotton and it seems a bit difficult to get hold of as I have looked online for more without much success. I love the muted, chalky colours that suit my more quiet moods and the cotton is soft and warm and very wearable.

I thought I had messed this up at one point as even though the pattern clearly states TURN WORK after each row, because I was changing colour I didn't turn work and started on the same edge each row. I do have a thing about the 'wrong' side of stitches, which is silly because lots of patterns have both sides showing - when you need to work in rows rather than rounds. But because I was able to with my colour changes I stuck to working with one side facing me the whole time, and you guessed it. It went squewiff!!

A good block after a gentle machine wash did help a lot, although it's still a little wonky. You can't tell when you wear it like this...

...or like this, so it's not a problem.  I have worn this shawl loads actually, like a scarf mainly as in the above pic. It's nice to wear, it has a soft warmth which is comforting. 

The pattern is a pleasure to make and does work up quite quick - even for slow coach like me. Thanks Sandra for your Ricicles Shawl pattern - my laptop spell-checker has a problem with it (Mac wants it to be recycled), but I certainly love it to bits!!!
Here's a link to my Ravelry page with a bit more yarn info if required :o)

'till next time...


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