Summer Skirt

I have wanted to make this sort of style of skirt for a while. Last summer I found some fabric suitable at a fabric sale that pops up from time to time at the corn exchange in town.

My motivation to get it made has come partly from the start of the new series of 'The Great British Sewing Bee', and more so from the fact that I bought a new Cath Kidston skirt in the exact style I wanted so was able to rip-off the pattern so I could reproduce the skirt again (and hopefully again) in my choice of fabric.

The first hurdle was to do the shearing elastic:

Much, much easier than I thought! Just hand wind the shearing elastic around the machine bobbin quite tightly, pop in machine as usual and start sewing. I can't tell you how surprised I was that this actually worked!

I gathered the skirt back on (just a rectangle piece) to give a bit more fullness than the elasticated section was giving, but my gathering is a bit un-even and it's fuller on one side than the other. Poop.

The front skirt (again a rectangle) is gathered onto a interfaced front waistband, and...

... the most complicated part of the pattern is the side pockets. But they aren't that complicated at all really.

I did make this for myself but daughter no. 1 has her eye on it (which surprised me as her normal attire is tight jeans, Doc Martins, a big metal belt and what she calls 'ugly' jumpers. All with heavy black eyeliner and jet black hair - she's got a great rock chic look going on) 

But if she likes it, I might let her have it.

Many thanks to my very svelte mannequin for modelling again today. I have had to pin the skirt in to make it look like it fits her - I can only wish I was as tiny!!

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'till next time...



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