Reasons to be cheerful...

I was up way past my bedtime last night as I took my 2 eldest girls to Milton Keynes theatre to see Wicked. And it was!  It was brilliant, an excellent show. We all enjoyed it immensely and I loved being out with my big girls. They are at an age now where it is like more of an adult outing, and they are such lovely company. There are lots of things that cheer me through the days of my life, from big (expensive) things like theatre visits to much smaller, everyday things. I'd like to share some here with you on this gorgeous sunny day.

The start of yet another project. That makes 10 things I have on the go. Yes 10!! Oh my! They are a mix of quilting and crochet, all at different stages. Some dating back a long time, others are just babies. Oh who cares? It makes me happy....

A sweet book I picked up in Oxfam on a recent visit to Bristol. Hubby and me had gone down to see Del Amitri in concert and had stayed the night in a hotel. We had a really good time despite the awful weather. I really like Bristol - it seems like a very interesting city and worth more of an explore at some point in the future. And of course seeing my beloved Justin performing with his old band and obviously having a blast was just perfectly amazingly wonderful!!!

Here are some pages, just because it's such a pretty book:

I would love to be able to paint like this...

It felt so good to be able to hang some washing out this morning with a reasonable chance it will dry (see I told you small things make me happy) While I was in the garden I noticed these pretties basking in the morning sun and it made my heart do a little leap of joy. Crocuses, yes? I think so :0)

And my potted hellebore. Doing surprisingly well considering the total lack of attention it (and the rest of the garden) has had.  I'm such a fair-weather gardener, but if we are to be having some fair-weather I will have to be out in the garden more for a good tidy up.

My favourite mugs to have my tea in. They are always stacked like that in my overcrowded kitchen cupboard. I love the colours together.

My cross stitch is near completion and it does mean there is a good chance the gift will be finished in time (fingers crossed). I feel chuffed with my first major cross stitch project.

I will end with one of my WIP that has been hanging around for forever. I spread it out on the carpet yesterday and thought "yep, time to get this finished" 

Well you know not everything is rosy, but I'm determined to concentrate on the goods things - there certainly are plenty of reasons to be cheerful!

Thanks for the hang-out my friends

'till next time...



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