Never too late...

WELL, I was going to do a hearts and flowers post for Valentines day but it didn't happen because I had a poorly baby to care for and my hands were full!! My little might has been unwell since Tuesday and it's been a hard week, she was needy and clingy and just wanted to be cuddled. Well I'm more than happy to do the cuddling part but I was worried for her as she really was so out of sorts :o(  I even had to take a day off work to care for her, something that I hate to do because I take my responsibility for my job seriously and I felt quite stressed to let them down (on valentines day too when I was down to do weddings at a couple of our out-stations!)

Anyway I'm happy to report that littlely is on the mend and I did work today while Nanny looked after my baby. By the way did you catch the ITV documentary Birth, Deaths and Marriages? (It may be still available on itvplayer), it's a fly-on-the-wall about the Westminster register office in London and all the goings on. You may or may not know but that is what I do for a living (although not in Westminster) so it really was like watching a day in the office for me!

But you know I can't live without a crochet fix these days so here are my hearts and flowers to all you lovelies so show you how much I care, aaawwwwww shucks...

my very cheap potted tulips courtesy of Aldi

my Lucy Heart Wreath - pattern is featured in Simply Crochet issue 15. Wonky flowers and blurred photo - all indications of a hard week!

A naughty purchase for above wreath - loads left for mandalas and potholders I think :0)

Some very yummy chocolates I made for my husband for Valentines. Luckily a very easy recipe courtesy of Chrissie, thank you for publishing this my love, they really are very delicious!

Pretty Hyacinths also from Aldi.

So my friends, I hope it's not too late to say thanks for your visits, your comments and your fab tutorials, recipes and crafty inspiration that you share!

much love, 'till next time...


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