Giant Granny Square for our Sofa

When I was at work yesterday, up at a local hotel to register the wedding I got chatting to the photographer (well you know what? I waved over to him because I thought he was someone else. As he walked over to me and kinda came into focus I realised he wasn't who I thought he was. Rather embarrassingly I admitted this to him and luckily he wasn't offended. I need to go for an eye-test)  He  proudly showed off his new camera to us and explained how it worked and all the advantages it offered. I was very interested in what he was saying, although not quite understanding the technical terminology. Nevertheless, I remembered the make of camera he was using and looked it up on the net when I got home. I am dreaming of a new camera for myself but with the price of a decent one it will have to wait, doesn't mean I can't do research though!

The reason photography is at the fore of my mind this morning is because I have been taking a few pics of my giant granny square blanket that was finished this week. I had already taken some photos in the week but I wasn't happy with them, so I took some more this morning. To be quite honest I'm not that happy with them either but they will have to do! Now don't blame your tools for the bad photos I hear you say, but it does seem you can get better results with better equipment. I spend ages making my stuff which I love so much and it is great to be able to document them here on this blog. For others to be interested and inspired by my crafting antics is pure cherry on the cake stuff!!

Family pictures are important to take and keep too. Seeing the children everyday means you don't really notice them changing and growing - but then you look back at the photographs of them you can see how different they were say six months ago. I am the sort that gets family pictures developed as well as storing on the computer hard drive. This means we sometimes go through the photograph basket and we all laugh so much at the older pictures (or groan at pictures of ourselves - me)

Anyhoo, here is my blanket:

It starts with unabashed yarn love. Rico Design essentials soft merino aran in colours 012, 015, 026, 050, 010, 042. I chose the greens to blend with the colours of my living room and added the pinks and purple for a shot of pretty colour. The steel blue crept in just because I liked it there.

Back to basics here. No fancy pattern, just simple granny square, easy mindless crochet. Perfect to do after a busy day at work. The tonic that is enjoying making those treble crochet stitches with the gorgeous yarn - a pure pleasure!

I didn't have the usual boredom stage on this project, it was so enjoyable to make. When it was time for the border I just made it up as I went, enjoying the flow and feeling very happy with outcome.

Super quick to make with the aran weight yarn and very wooly and thick and snuggly!!

I made this to live on our sofa and to be used to keep warm with. In the cold mornings I fold it diagonally and wrap it around me like a shawl, oh I love that :o) 

I'm champing at the bit to get started on my Nordic Shawl. I have picked up on 'Nordic Shawl Mania' through the blogs I read and the Instagrammers I follow and I don't want to be left behind! However there are other things that need doing first so I will have to resist for a bit longer.

Going back to the subject of photos / pictures. I personally love to scroll through lots of crochet pictures and so naturally I want to have good ones here. Any tips and advice would be welcome.

'till next time...


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