Cross Stitch Marathon

I have embarked on a cross stitch sampler which is intended as a gift. For a special occasion. This means I have a deadline....

While waiting for the kit to arrive I decided to practise my stitching skills on a quick little chart I found free on the net.

Oh how I love this cute bunny!! She is sooo sweet. I don't know if you can see a slight grey circle around the design? This is where I got excited as soon as I'd finished stitching and tried to force it into a flexi - ring thing. The aida is too thick so it wouldn't go but annoyingly left a dirty mark instead. Grrr.

I picked up this shabby-chic frame in the sale today for £4 and I think it just about hides the mark (as well as being perfect for display), so disaster averted :0)

But you know my bunny wasn't quick to do. Oh no, in the end she took me ages and when my sampler kit arrived and it dawned on me how much work there is involved my heart sank and I got a sickie feeling in my stomach. Will it be finished in time? We will have to see. This is where I'm up to so far:

I'm really loving the design, and I'm quite hooked on doing it - I certainly loose myself in the 'flow' while stitching (and I loose track of time). I think there will be a few late nights to get it done in time though...

Otherwise, I have managed to finish a few WIP's, keeping to one of my new year resolutions :0)

With this I was just experimenting with yarn and pattern, not a particular project as such, just playing. I like the gingham design (I have done this before see here) and I had some cheap yarn that I thought would work well with the colour combination - Drops Cotton Light, and Sirdar Snuggly Baby Cotton DK for the palest blue. It had to be finished though and without wanting a big blanket commitment I decided a tea-towel type thing would be good.

At least I can say that's another WIP finished! 
How are you getting on with new year resolutions? Did you make any at all?
My cupboard sorting has ground to a halt because of the cross stitch, but hey I don't mind really  - I'll get there in the end, both with the tidy cupboards and a completed sampler (I hope)

'till next time...


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