Peachy Scarf

There are yarn shops, and then there is Loop. Situated in Islington, London. It's a small shop with an upstairs and the most beautiful selection of yarn imaginable! It made me wish I could knit socks and lacy shawls.
Me and hubby were up that way last September as we were going to see my Justin Currie at The Union Chapel for a solo gig (great venue by the way) Of course, as one must do, I googled "yarn shops in Islington" before we headed that way and Loop came up top of the list.
Now I do like to shop, too much I'm afraid. And I cannot resist having a spend, so while hubby was happy in the antique / curiosity shop opposite I had plenty of time to mooch about the treasures inside. Very expensive it is, but beautiful. I treated myself to a skein of Juno Alice, a 4ply hand dyed yarn made of 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere - I know, talk about a treat!!! I chose colour way 'golden peach' and left the shop slightly intimidated, totally besotted.

I held on to the yarn for a bit as I had other things, as usual, on the go but always had in mind a skinny scarf to make from it. Then last weekend we had a wedding to go to and had booked a hotel room for the night. We had the little ones with us and as I would be retiring early with baby to bed I wanted a transportable project to take to keep me occupied between baby girl going to sleep and me nodding off. So my scarf it was.

I am so delighted with how it's worked out, pretty much what I had in my minds' eye. I worked out the square pattern myself and joined them together with the JAYG method to keep the lacy, loose effect.

In total I made 50 squares in 2 rows and finished off with 2 rounds of dc all around the edge. And that was pretty much all of the yarn used up - 400m of it.

It was the blocking that simply made this work. I emerged it all in some warm water and after gently squeezing the excess liquid out by rolling in a towel I pinned it out flat on the floor and left to dry for about a day. It does stink a bit when wet - I blame the baby alpacas, but it was so worth it as the blocking process really helps it to lie flat, brings out the stitch pattern and gives it a lovely drape.

I was afraid I wouldn't do this fabulous yarn justice but I am so happy with the way it has turned out - all credit due to the yarn itself - it really is worth the money!

I've included a badly drawn chart *edit 7/9/15: as there was a mistake in the original badly drawn chart I have created a new one which I hope is ok!  of the square if you fancy making one. I used a 2.20mm hook, and as far as gauge is concerned the blocked square measures 6.5 cm. Here is the pattern written out:

ch 6 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Rnd 1: 1ch, 12 dc into the ring. Slip stitch to first dc to close round.

Rnd 2: ch 6 (this counts as 1 dtr and 2ch) 1 dtr, 2 ch 11 times, slip stitch to 4th ch to close round.

Rnd 3: slip stitch into chain space, ch 5 (this counts as 1 tr and 2 ch) 3 tr into same chain space. * ch 2 1 tr into next ch sp twice, 2ch, 3tr 2ch 3tr into next ch sp. repeat from * 2 more times.  2ch 1 tr into next ch sp twice, 2 ch 2 tr into starting ch sp, slip stitch to 3rd ch to close round.

Rnd 4: slip stitch into ch sp and ch 3, 2tr 2ch 3tr into this ch sp. * 2ch 1tr into next ch sp 3 times, 2ch 3tr 2ch 3tr into next ch space (the corner) repeat from * 2 more times. 2ch 1tr into next ch sp 3 times, 2 ch and slip stitch to 3rd ch to close round.

Make a total of 50 squares joining them as you go into 2 rows of 25. I've indicated on the chart above which chain stitch I used for the joining one. There is an excellent tutorial here for this joining method. Of course you can either sew or crochet them together if you want but this will use up more of the yarn so one skein may not be enough.

Once all squares are made and joined in 2 rows of 25 make the simple border by dc into each stitch all around, making 1dc, 1ch, 1dc into the 4 corner spaces. Do 2 rounds like this.

Block your scarf (the smell isn't that bad) and enjoy the luxury you have created!!!

As usual I have slightly rushed this while baby naps as I can't concentrate while she's up (bless her) so if you do spot any mistakes please let me know so I can amend.

'till next time


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